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  • Meet our new friends the Anderson’s! They love the new vinyl windows they bought from Window World. Mary Ann loves the easy cleaning of the double hung windows and Winston was impressed by our low window prices. Check out what they have to say:

    Hi my name is Mary Ann Anderson, I’m from Maplewood Minnesota and we recently bought windows from Window World. And I’m Win Anderson her husband. We are like a Window World commercial, we were talking with our friends that we go out with for breakfast in the morning. They said what have you been doing? And we said we had our windows replaced and they said “oh great.” I said, “No no no, this is exciting for us!” because we are so pleased with the quality, with the price, with everything about it. There is nothing that we can say bad about it. We are very, very pleased.

    I love the way I can clean them. That is just such a treat. I’ve been cleaning my windows even though they don’t need to be cleaned. We’ve been showing them to other people; it’s just been a fun, fun experience.

    I think the cleanliness of crew; they were very, very immaculate and very respectful. They went right to their work; they worked well together. The quality of the window is what I am really impressed with also. What do you think Hun? Yeah I went around the house after they left. I found one screw that they missed, that’s all! Inside and outside the yard was all cleaned up; it was if no one had been here. Very, very, pleased!

    Check with Window World! Make sure they are on your list of company’s to get a quote from.

    I very seldom will recommend a company, it’s not my thing. But, we have already recommended and given great praise to Window World, to our friends, our family and anyone who will listen! We are just very, very pleased. Thank you very much for being here.

    When looking for replacement windows Nate called up Window World and got the window price of a lifetime. Our window prices are the lowest, just compare us to Anderson windows, Pela windows and the other top competitors.

    Hi my name is Nate, we live in Brooklyn Park and we recently purchased windows through Window World.

    “How was the in home process of buying windows?”

    Over all it was just a very knowledgeable and comfortable experience. We didn’t feel pressured at all for the sale or anything like that we were just excited to get our windows.

    “Now that the windows are installed how do you like them?”

    They are awesome, we were very excited to get new windows. Our old widows were just horrible, but these new windows surpassed our expectations, their beautiful to look at and I just think they are very appealing.

    “Do you have a favorite feature for the windows?”

    Favorite feature for the windows, I would have to say; just knowing A. they look gorgeous but B. knowing that you are saving so much energy because they are quality windows and knowing they will last a lifetime.

    “What was most memorable about Window World?”

    Dave Peterson was our salesman and he just wow’d our socks off! He made it very comfortable to buy windows. All the way through the install process the guys were all very friendly, very knowledgeable it was just an over all excellent experience.

    “Any final thoughts about Window World?”

    When people buy windows I think they buy them because their windows are old or because they are trying to save energy. Going through window world you really learn a lot about the importance of purchasing good windows. You feel secure in knowing that if you do go through Window World it is an excellent company to work through. I’m 100% satisfied with our purchase and I’m confident with anyone I recommend to Window World they will be satisfied as well.

    “Thank you Nate!”

    Getting replacement windows shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Get your project done right and for the best price with Window World.
    Transcription:(So I’m here with Bob Nelson out in Robinsdale, Hi Bob!) Hi there.

    (And so you ordered some windows, 20 from Window World) That’s right.

    (And you were impressed with the product?) Impressed with the product and the price.

    (And you’re excited to get them in?) Yes we are, it’s way over due.

    (We even had your neighbor from next door, he’s a pro that did windows and he gave the approval?) He gave us the ok. He looked at them, liked what what he had seen and gave us the approval.

    (Great! thank you Bob)

    Our Loyal Customer Debbie Uses Window World Fora  3rd Job!

    Debbie loves the personal touch Window World provides and the trust that she has in the company and it’s staff!

    Transcription: (I’m sitting here with Debbie Weinhold, and we have done three  jobs, is that right Debbie, for you?) This will be the third.

    (Ok! And why did you choose Window World?) Well my brother in law saw an add and I called you up and you came out. And on the, the person that came out had a little note from the owners wife. I knew her from my child’s daycare. (oh wow!) and it was a very nice personal touch that added to the trust that I have grown to appreciate.

    (OK. Did you guys look at any other window companies?) Yes we did.

    (And why you chose Window World, was it just the over all value?) It definitely was a little better value, but we had that inner trust with the company, yeah. (and would you recommend us to your friends and family down the road?) I have recommended you!

    (Alright! we love to hear that. Well we thank you for your time and thanks for being a loyal customer of Window World) Absolutely. Thank you!

    Kelly of Bloomington, MN loves the new looking of her home after Window World replaces double hung windows, a bay window and gorgeous new siding. The even bigger reward is how much money she saved by choosing Window World!


    Hey I’m Kelly from Bloomington, MN and we just recently just had our windows installed by Widow World.

    (Thanks Kelly. How was the process of ordering your windows with Window World?) It was very easy we called for a consult and we decided to go with Window World the day we had them over for the consult. They told us about an eight week lead time and they actually had them in about four weeks.  so it was very nice.

    (Great! Did you get other quotes for your project?) Yes, three other companies.

    ( How did we compare in pricing?) Drastically lower! And for the same quality, we were very impressed.

    (Is that why you chose Window World? For the price and the quality?) For the price and the quality, yes.

    (How was your experience with the install process of the windows?) The install took them about three hours for them to replace all of the windows. They came at eight am, they wrapped everything, then they were out of here and they did a great job! We had a three man crew and they were just awesome. They did really good trying to meet what we wanted for needs and stuff like that.
    (Great! How do you like your new windows?!) We love them! They are so quiet compared to the old original windows we had. They are quiet and we did see a reduction in our heating bill this winter, so that’s always great too. (What do you like most about the new windows?) The looks. It really changed. Before we had the siding just replaced by Window World, but even before that with the old siding on the house, the windows just transformed the house. It made the house look newer than it actually was. I would Highly recommend Window World. Customer service is great, so is the quality and the workmanship, the price, everything. It’s a great company to work with. (Thank you so much Kelly, we appreciate it!)

    Soccoro from St. Paul has used Window World for years for all her replacements. She says the windows and installation went well and the energy efficiency savings are great! Her energy bill has dropped from $400 to $200 thanks to window Worlds great energy saving windows. Soccoro used Window World again to do her siding and her roof and would use them again!

    Replacement Windows St Paul

    Great Customer service is what we try to provide every customer that is looking for windows replacement. Window World is the largest window replacement company in the country and for Windows in Minnesota.

    Hi I’m Matt and I just purchased eight windows from Nick at Window World I couldn’t be happier with my selection. Nick came to my house today and showed me some great options and I was really impressed with his customer service and all the great things Window World could provide for a customer and I am real excited and real happy to be working with this company. – Matt S. St Paul, MN

    Even if you don’t agree on which team to root for it’s easy to agree on replacement windows from Window World. Window World replaces bay windows and all the styles like slider and double hung windows.

    Well you know we don’t agree on alot of things as you can see but the one thing we agree on for sure is that Window World has the best prices and the best product and marc was probably the best salesman that we’ve worked with. I tell ya what we’re excited to get new replacement windows. And he’s cheering for the packers and that’s the best part of all. That is not the best part. -LeAnn and Pat A. from Apple Valley, MN

    Replacement Windows Rental Property



    Hi my name is Matt, I have use Window World they have been very good to me. This is the second house that I have done, I can’t beat the prices. Nick has been fantastic from start to finish. The crew has been professional, I have recommended them to my friends and I will use them again on my next house.

    Replacement Window Testimonial: Jessica


    I am very excited, I loved the cost, I loved the efficiency, the workers were very friendly and quick, and they look great. We get lots of compliments and I recommend them to everybody.
    (Nick) Would you use Window World windows again?
    Absolutely, we have about 20 more, so…

    Richard is an property investor in the Minneapolis MN area.  He has he has ordered many windows for replacement.  The double hung windows he orders are usually for the older apartment buildings.  In the bedrooms he usually has to order casement windows to meet egress window codes.  He has considered Anderson Windows in the past but cannot beat the value verses cost ration of Window World.


    Q: How did you feel about your experience with window world?

    A: Always been quite happy with both you and your vinyl replacement windows product.

    Q: Would you continue your investment properties though our company?

    A: So far the property manager and I have continued to move on with you for windows in Minnesota.

    I am Michael O. I have a house in St. Paul on Jackson St. In February I call Window World Company and ask if I can change windows in my house and they did a wonderful job for us and we are very very happy. We save a lot of money on gas and heating and things like that. The house looks amazing right now, so we appreciate what you did for us guys.

    Window World Experience Project


    New Cherry Replacement Windows in Minneapolis


    When it’s time to replace windows make sure you consider using one of the woodgrain colors to match your existing wood trim.  On Herbs second order he purchased beige exterior with cherry woodgrain windows on two slider windows and a picture window.  He also ordered a patio door.


    Hi I’m Herb and I had Nick from Window World out here today and I showed him the windows that we had installed previously 2 yrs. ago we are very happy and satisfied with them and I would like to let you know that we are having more windows done, we are completing our purchase and we are having 5 new windows installed in the next couple months.

    Hi I’m Roxane Greip and Nick from Window World was out to give me an estimate on some windows, he was very professional and courteous and helpful I didn't know a lot about it. And I am very happy with the price he gave me and his service.

    Satisfied Window World Customer

    Hi I just got done talking to a representative from Window World and I he gave me a real nice deal and I am really happy with the representative real good fellow and sounds like a real good company to go with. Thanks very much!

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