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Polaris Ultra Steel & Fiberglass Doors by Comfort World

A door is more than an entrance into your home. Your entry way should project a distinct personality of its own. Polaris doors will do that and more. Ultra Steel thermal entry doors offer an outstanding combination of energy savings, security, durability, beauty, and low maintenance. The Ultra Entry System has been designed as a custom system with many choices and options.

Key Features:

  • True Thermal Break – The true thermal break edge is made of heavy vinyl and stops outside temperature penetration. It also prevents condensation which can occur in doors without a thermal break.
  • Rigid Steel or Fiberglass Skin – Our 24-gauge steel skins resist denting, cracking, and splitting.>
  • Reinforced Lockset Prep – Polaris automatically provides a reinforced lockset standard in every Ultra Steel door. This provides a rigid base for locksets and helps to discourage intruders.
  • Steel Hinge Reinforcement – A 12-gauge plate inside each door adds extra strength to the hinge area. Hinges are applied with machine screws for a more positive anchor.
  • Optional Steel Reinforcement Frame – Optional heavy gauge steel replacement frame fits right into your existing jamb, providing for even greater security.
  • Polyurethane Core – Our solid polyurethane core, as shown in this cutaway, provides an R-15 insulating value for energy efficiency that far exceeds wood doors.
  • Multiple Weather Stripping – Compression weather stripping (left), is utilized on the hinge side of doors with wood jambs, along with magnetic weather stripping (right), which is applied at the head and lock sides of the door. This combination totally seals the door, virtually eliminating air loss around the door. In a steel frame replacement door, all weather stripping is magnetic.
  • Triple Contact Bottom Sweep – Twin compression tubes and an extruded vinyl sweep-blade mate with the threshold triple-tight to seal the door bottom. No leaks, drafts, or ice build-up!

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