Brooklyn Park Double Hung Windows & Sliders

When looking for replacement windows Nate called up Window World and got the window price of a lifetime. Our window prices are the lowest, just compare us to Anderson windows, Pela windows and the other top competitors.

Hi my name is Nate, we live in Brooklyn Park and we recently purchased windows through Window World.

“How was the in home process of buying windows?”

Over all it was just a very knowledgeable and comfortable experience. We didn’t feel pressured at all for the sale or anything like that we were just excited to get our windows.

“Now that the windows are installed how do you like them?”

They are awesome, we were very excited to get new windows. Our old widows were just horrible, but these new windows surpassed our expectations, their beautiful to look at and I just think they are very appealing.

“Do you have a favorite feature for the windows?”

Favorite feature for the windows, I would have to say; just knowing A. they look gorgeous but B. knowing that you are saving so much energy because they are quality windows and knowing they will last a lifetime.

“What was most memorable about Window World?”

Dave Peterson was our salesman and he just wow’d our socks off! He made it very comfortable to buy windows. All the way through the install process the guys were all very friendly, very knowledgeable it was just an over all excellent experience.

“Any final thoughts about Window World?”

When people buy windows I think they buy them because their windows are old or because they are trying to save energy. Going through window world you really learn a lot about the importance of purchasing good windows. You feel secure in knowing that if you do go through Window World it is an excellent company to work through. I’m 100% satisfied with our purchase and I’m confident with anyone I recommend to Window World they will be satisfied as well.

“Thank you Nate!”

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