There’s nothing quite like staring out a beautiful window on a lovely summer day. In fact, great windows are some of a home’s best features. They can provide you with a lovely view, help regulate your home’s temperature, and even lower your monthly energy costs. But did you know the right windows can also protect your family?


When you outfit your home with impact-resistant glass, you’re making an important decision that will protect your family and home from wild weather and so much more. At Window World Twin Cities, we love helping connect homeowners with beautiful impact-resistant glass for their new and replacement windows. Here’s what you should know about impact-resistant glass when you’re picking out your home’s new windows.


Wild Weather and Impact-Resistant Glass

When you think of impact-resistant glass, you might think it’s something that’s only needed in areas where heavy storms are a regular occurrence. After all, impact-resistance is meant to protect a home from flying debris. But even if you don’t live in Tornado Alley or near a coastal region that gets hit with hurricanes and strong storms, impact-resistant glass has many benefits.


Here in Minnesota, we’ve certainly been known to experience our share of wild weather and even the occasional tornado. Winter can bring ice storms, and April showers can bring more than just May flowers—including a hailstorm from time to time. All of that rough weather can end up breaking and damaging your windows, exposing your home’s interior walls and furniture to water damage.


How Impact-Resistant Windows Protect Your Home

Impact-resistant windows are designed to provide a reinforced level of protection for homeowners. They’re installed just like any standard windows and they look identical in every way, which means they never compromise the appearance and style of your home.


These important windows work by using shatter-resistant glass. Just like the shatter-resistant glass in your vehicle, they’re highly resistant to most levels of impact they’re exposed to. That means even if they’re cracked or damaged, they won’t shatter. That’s because they’re designed with a shatter-resistant film which is placed between two layers of glass, adding a powerful layer of security and protection.


What Happens if Impact-Resistant Glass is Broken?

Imagine your home getting battered by a heavy summer storm complete with large hail and debris. A large piece of hail strikes your window hard, creating a crack. With a traditional, non-shatterproof pane, your window could shatter immediately, with glass spraying into your home and seriously injuring your family. However, with the impact-resistant film, when that hail or debris strikes your window and cracks it, the film between the two layers maintains both the interior and exterior glass. This keeps the glass from shattering.


Our impact-resistant windows are also housed within a securely-fastened weatherproof frame which safely holds your window in its frame. Together, the frame and glass created added safety when paired with or without window shutters.


Impact-resistant glass also protects your home in several additional ways:


1.      Reduced Noise Levels

Noise from outside your home can be a nuisance, especially if you live in a busy city area. Few things are more annoying than a loud car blasting bass down the street through your windows.


The noise-absorbent polyvinyl layer of impact-resistant glass muffles the noise within and without your home, which means it also adds a little extra privacy. That way, you can rest easy with even the nosiest of neighbors living next door.


2.      Extra Layer of Security Against Intrusion

Most intruders want to get in and out of a home quickly. Security film functions as a strong deterrent against breaking and entering because it makes breaking glass much more difficult and time-consuming.


In many cases, potential burglars become quickly frustrated and move on to find an easier target. It also gives homeowners or neighbors added time to contact emergency responders.


3.      Added Home Value

If you’re looking for ways to add to your home’s overall value, new shatter-resistant windows offer some of the best bang for the buck. Impact-resistant windows are a terrific selling feature when it’s time to put your home on the market.


They’re also a less costly way to add to your home’s overall value and increase your ROI. When our windows are compared to our competitors, Window World windows are a cut above every time.


4.      Better Insulation

Your home’s heating and cooling bills are directly impacted by the level of insulation in your windows. With a simple single-pane layer, you won’t have much insulation against the heat or cold of extreme weather.


However, impact-resistant glass minimizes the escaping of heat to your home’s exterior, keeping your home warmer in winter and lowering your energy costs. It can also minimize your cooling costs in the summer.


Twin Cities Impact-Resistant Glass Replacement Windows

Whether you’re hoping to save on your home’s cooling costs this summer or you’re looking for added protection against intruders, impact-resistant glass is a powerful investment. With details like precision-finished corners, easy-to-clean vinyl, and 22 layers of weatherstripping, our windows stand out against the competition in every way. Our team of professional window installers at Window World Twin Cities can help you choose the right windows for your home and get them installed quickly.


We also offer financing options with six-minute approval and 24 months free of interest. Connect with a professional window installer by calling us at 651.770.5570 to set up your window installation. Or you can also contact our window experts online to discuss your options.


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