To Save Money On Heating Costs, Replace Inefficient Windows

Does it seem like your home will not stay warm not matter how much you run the furnace? Do you have cool spots by the windows? Are you using heavy drapes and keeping them shut just to try to keep warm indoors? You may be loosing a significant amount of heat through each of your windows if they are not made to be energy efficient. Window technology has advanced in the past decade. You can save money by having your windows replaced with energy efficient models.

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How to Prevent Window Fogging and Condensation

Condensation is caused by humid air coming in contact with a cold surface, such as glass. Just like a glass of ice water in
warm room, condensation creates many small droplets of water, and becomes visible on the glass surface. This is
completely normal, and will occur in every home at one time or another. Everything in your home that involves water will
contribute to excess humidity, such as showers, mopping, watering plants, and heating/air conditioning units.

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8 Tips for Preventing Basement Flooding

There’s been a lot of rain in Minnesota this spring and summer, which might have caused some wet basements.  Here are a few tips on preventing wet basements.

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