Why Double Pane Windows Are Worth the Investment

When making a decision about window replacement in your home, there are many items to consider. Cost is definitely a factor. Deciding on the investment of double pane windows is an energy-efficient decision. Window World Twin Cities brings you the reasons why double pane windows are worth the investment.

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What Entry Door Material is the Most Insulative?

Entry doors are more than just an egress in and out of your home. A door is literally a hole in your wall. You want the most insulation you can get in that door to help your home’s energy efficiency. Window World Twin Cities is here to give you advice on what entry door material is the most insulative.

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How Color Sets the Mood for Your Windows

Different colors can change your moods, therefore, our environments needs to be comfortable to us. Choosing the right color can set the tone or mood for the room. Window World Twin Cities has experts on staff to help you sift through color options to match your specific needs.

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Comparing Siding Types: How Does Vinyl Siding Stack Up?

Making a decision about the type of siding for your home is important to you. You want to protect your investment in your home, therefore, you want a product that lasts a lifetime. Window World Twin Cities can help you compare the different siding types to see how vinyl stacks up.

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Window World Profile #5: Egress Windows

Window World Twin Cities has information on egress windows for your window replacement or window installation needs. Egress windows allow for escape in case of emergency. Egress windows also allow emergency personnel access to your home should the need arise. To meet building codes, there must be at least one egress window in each bedroom.

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How Window Warranties Benefit Homeowners

When purchasing new or replacement windows for your home, a warranty offers you reassurance on your purchase. By knowing our windows have a limited lifetime warranty, you assured of our commitment to total satisfaction. Window World Twin Cities gives you our commitment for the best product and service on your new or replacement window purchase.

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Get What You Want With Custom Window Installation

Your home should reflect your personal style. The big box stores should not drive your decisions on your new window installation. With many options available, Window World Twin Cities can get you what you want with custom installation. Our experts can design the exact window of your dreams.

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Enhance Your Bedroom with These Window Styles

Creating your personal touch and style in your bedroom is important. The window style choices we have available can enhance your bedroom. Want to let in more light? We can do that. Want privacy in your bedroom? We can make that happen.

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Window Profile: Sliding Windows

Unlike more traditional double hung windows, sliding windows open horizontally. Due to their function and the way they open, sliding windows could be a smarter option for your home. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, materials, and finishes, sliding windows offer some advantages that may appeal to your taste and style. Below, we profile sliding windows and discuss their features and benefits.

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Window Profile: Double Hung Windows

Double Hung windows are hands down the most installed windows anywhere in the country. Homeowners admire them for their simplistic design, versatility, and long lasting features. Window World Twin Cities offers high-end double hung windows for homeowners across the Twin Cities area. If you are interested in replacing your windows, we have the perfect products for you.

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