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Financing Smaller Projects

For projects less than $10,000 we aid you in making a 6 minute application. This is done right in your home after the sales consultant has determined the cost of your project. An application is filled out and we can work with the bank right from your home. Most times, before our representative leaves your home you will know how much you are approved for.

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Financing Large Projects

In order to finance larger home remodeling projects a home equity loan is usually necessary. We work with a number of lenders and can help you in the process of getting either a home equity line of credit, a second mortgage or refinancing your current residence.

Contact us to receive more information about financing larger projects.

15 Months No Interest, Minimal Payments

Take advantage of our 6 month no interest, minimal payment options. Your purchase is interest free when you pay the initial amount financed back within the 180 day period.

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We would appreciate the opportunity to improve your home!

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