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Want a Tax Credit for Energy-Efficient Windows? Here's What to Look For

Every year, the Federal government gives homeowners tax credits for specific home improvements. Although the official 2024 tax credits for window installation have not yet been officially released, we know they’re coming. There’s a good chance they’ll look much like the tax credits over the last few years.

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Personalizing Your Front Door With Color

Your front door is more than just a simple entrance to your home. In fact, it’s one of your home’s hardest-working architectural features. It’s a focal point for your home’s curb appeal. It’s a first line of defense against unwanted intruders and a barrier against winter’s cold and summer’s heat. It’s a welcoming sight when you come home and the end of a long day and a warm invitation to guests of your home.

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Window & Door Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can be daunting if you do not know what to expect, the right questions to ask, or the most important things to check. While many aspects of the home demand your attention, the doors and windows are crucial to your home’s energy efficiency, so they should be thoroughly inspected.

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Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement

If this is your first time replacing your windows, it’s natural to be a bit worried about what exactly you need to do to aid the installers' work. That’s why our window replacement pros at Window World Twin Cities are here with some easy tips to make window installation efficient and painless!

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Why Upgrade Your Patio’s Sliding Doors? Signs, Benefits, & Options

Open flooring concepts and patio sliding doors are synergistic because they give your home a virtually seamless transition from your kitchen or living room to your patio. This results in a myriad of benefits for you, your family, and friends. Below are some top reasons for upgrading your patio sliding doors with new, high-quality windows and frames.

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Deep Cleaning Tips for Doors

Apart from your floor, your doors are about the busiest places touched by different hands daily. This leaves specks of dirt and germs on them more than in other places in your home. Hence, to keep your doors clean and free from germs, you need to understand deep cleaning and how best to apply it to your doors.

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The Complete Guide to Window Buying

When you’re in the process of deciding on new windows for your home, you may have trouble knowing where to begin. New windows are a fantastic way to create a stunning look for your home and add to its curb appeal and overall value, which is why it’s a decision that requires some thought.

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Is Condensation a Sign That You Need New Windows?

In the winter, have you noticed the moisture on your windows? Is the moisture on all of your windows or a few of your windows? The moisture you are looking at is called condensation. During the winter months, many homeowners wonder whether the condensation on their windows is a sign that they need new windows or not. Keep reading to determine your next steps when it comes to condensation.

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Creating Curb Appeal on a Flat Front Home

There are plenty of reasons to work on your home’s curb appeal whether you’re thinking of listing it for sale or simply updating your family home. While many architectural designs naturally lend themselves to certain looks, a flat front home can be uniquely challenging to style.

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Creating Curb Appeal for Your Home Sale

Although first impressions aren’t everything, they’re still very important when it comes to impressing potential buyers for your home. If you’re having trouble getting buyers on the line and it’s been a while since you listed your home, it may be time to start thinking about boosting its curb appeal. Curb appeal gets buyers to your home so they can start to imagine themselves as homeowners in their new place.

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