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Window & Door Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can be a daunting task if you do not know what to expect, the right questions to ask, or the most important things to check. While many aspects of the home demand your attention, the doors and windows are crucial to your home’s energy efficiency, so they should be thoroughly inspected.

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Deep Cleaning Tips for Doors

Apart from your floor, your doors are about the busiest places touched by different hands daily. This leaves specks of dirt and germs on them more than in other places in your home. Hence, to keep your doors clean and free from germs, you need to understand deep cleaning and how best to apply it to your doors.

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Choosing Between Popular Window Designs

A well-engineered window can help reduce your home’s energy footprint, increase comfort levels inside your home, and lower your monthly energy costs. It can even extend the lifespan of your HVAC system in the process. The right window is an essential component of the lighting in your home. It also fills your home with fresh air on a temperate day.

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7 Reasons to Invest in Seamless Gutters

There’s nothing like a lush green Minnesota backyard in the summertime while the world is alive with nature’s bounty. But by the time fall comes around, all of those lovely leaves can add up to household chores like raking the lawn and gutter maintenance.

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What Are Casement Windows?

Now that Minnesota is in winter mode, it’s hard to ignore drafty windows in your home. And it’s even harder to ignore those outsized energy bills every month when your home is radiating heat out inefficient or outdated windows. If your home’s older or inefficient windows are costing you money and comfort, Window World can help with high-performance, energy-efficient alternatives

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The Complete Guide to Window Buying

When you’re in the process of deciding on new windows for your home, you may have trouble knowing where to begin. New windows are a fantastic way to create a stunning look for your home and add to its curb appeal and overall value, which is why it’s a decision that requires some thought.

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Pros & Cons of French Doors

French doors are a timeless addition to any home and offer a beautiful aesthetic. However, not every aspect of french doors is practical for every family or homeowner. Deciding factors may include certain stylistic preferences as well as concerns for maximum energy efficiency.

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4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows in the Spring

With spring quickly approaching, there has never been a better time to get your window replacement service in the books. Here are four reasons why spring is the ideal time to replace your home’s windows.

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Perfect Siding Combinations for Common Home Designs

When you’re thinking of siding replacement for your home, it can be difficult to know which way to go. But if you live in a classic architectural design, finding a beautiful color combination could be as simple as looking up old pictures of your neighborhood!

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6 Affordable Home Remodeling Projects for 2022

If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your home, 2022 could be the year when you finally get to transform your space. But remodeling can be expensive, especially if you’re dreaming of making dramatic changes. With a little careful planning and imagination, getting a beautiful new home may be more affordable and attainable than you think!

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