Why Upgrade Your Patio’s Sliding Doors?

Upgrading your patio sliding doors comes with a myriad of benefits ranging from a better quality of life to increased home value. Energy efficiency and ease of use make new doors a wise investment.  

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What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

There are multiple factors impacting the energy efficiency of windows including treatments, exterior shading, frames, and seals. All of these factors work in tandem to maximize efficiency.  

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What Are the Benefits of Replacement Windows?

New replacement windows offer several benefits including modern design, durable construction, and greater energy efficiency. Window World Twin Cities offers complete window installation in Minneapolis.

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What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Experience the features and benefits of double-hung windows at Window World Twin Cities. We offer double-window sales and complete installation for homeowners in Minneapolis.

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Double-Pane vs. Triple-Pane Windows

The differences between double-pane windows and triple-pane windows will determine what type of windows you buy for your window installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Double-Hung vs. Sliding Windows: Which is Best for You?

Double-hung and sliding windows have benefits that set them apart. Which windows are best for you? Window World Twin Cities can help you choose the right windows for your Minneapolis home.

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5 Tips for Comparing Window Products

Do you know what to look for when comparing window products in Minneapolis, MN? Window World Twin Cities can help you choose the right windows. We offer complete window installation.

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How Bay and Bow Windows Make Your Room Look Brighter and Larger

Bay and bow windows are often lumped together—and for a good reason. They primarily perform the same function. However, there are fundamental differences in their construction and design that should be noted. Let’s profile both and compare their differences as well as their benefits and features.

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Are Double-Hung Windows a Good Investment?

Double-hung windows are, hands down, the most installed windows anywhere in the country. Homeowners admire them for their simplistic design, versatility, and long-lasting features. Window World Twin Cities offers high-end, double-hung windows for homeowners across the Twin Cities area. If you are interested in replacing your windows, we have the perfect products for you.

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What Are the Best Small-Sized Windows for Brightening a Room?

Unlike more traditional double-hung windows, sliding windows open horizontally. Due to their function and the way they open, sliding windows could be a smarter option for your home. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, materials, and finishes, sliding windows offer some advantages that may appeal to your taste and style. Below, we profile sliding windows and discuss their features and benefits.

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