New windows make a world of difference in your home. With just a little bit of soap and elbow grease, you can make sure that your professionally installed windows look like new for years to come.


Your window panes are the filter that keeps the delicate balance of inside and outside intact. You want your panes to be completely transparent, streak-free, and efficient. Here are some tips to keep your glass crystal-clear.

  • Clean your screens fist. Remove screens and place them on a flat surface. Use mild soap and water, and use a soft brush. When dry, reinstall. 

  • Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to clean glass. When you’re done, use a soft cloth to avoid water spots.

  • Do not wash glass in direct sunlight.

  • Do not use a razor blade, abrasive cloths, or other items that could scratch the glass.

  • Protip: If you have small panes, you can cut a squeegee to size. Remove the rubber blade, cut the metal, refit the rubber, and trim the excess. Viola: a custom squeegee.



You can’t stop at the glass. The window frames are another important component to keep clean, too.

  • You can use the same soap solution that you used for the glass.

  • But make sure you test all cleaners in an inconspicuous place first.

  • Once you’ve used the soap solution, rinse with clean water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

  • Pay attention to weather stripping and hardware. These areas can get particularly dirty.

  • Clean all tracks thoroughly.

  • Stay away from razor blades or abrasive pads, as these may damage the frame.

  • Check to see that any exterior drain or weep holes are free of debris. If you see a clog, a small brush, or even an old toothbrush, should do the trick.



Your window’s hardware is what ensures that it will open and close smoothly and easily. Follow these tips to keep the mechanical functions of your window in top shape.

  • Vacuum dirt from sills and track areas regularly.

  • Be sure to lubricate moving parts regularly. Contact your window installation professional for advice on what to use on your windows.

  • Make sure your weatherstripping still seals.

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