Sure, French doors look nice, but they pack a few much-needed home benefits. They can completely transform a room, become window substitutes and redefine your home’s natural lighting. Available in many designs, French entry doors are incredibly valuable for a few reasons.

Reason One: They Create a Smooth Transition

French doors are commonly used as transition pieces. Because they’re comprised mostly of glass, they offer an enhanced sense of space—even when closed. When it’s warm outside, you can open your French doors to blend temperatures. Even better: Install French doors near your patio or garden area, and watch as your area becomes uniform. Even if your home already has patio doors or sliding doors, French doors are one of the best transition pieces you can get.

Reason Two: They’re Used for Window Replacement

Similar to a French door’s capable transition power is its ability to “double-serve” as a window. Ditch the window replacement, and invest in a nice set of French doors to maximize your room’s natural lighting. Window installation, while useful, can often reduce an area’s impact. French doors, meanwhile, keep the functionality of windows while offering an entry point. Some window companies even offer French door assistance, helping with the installation, removal and repair of French door glass.

Reason Three: They Reduce Heating Bills

By installing a set of French doors, you can greatly reduce monthly heating and cooling costs. Heating and cooling bills are impacted on a room-to-room basis, and replacing a couple of windows with French doors is certainly a way to maximize your home’s power efficiency. If you’re using French doors as entry doors, you’re in even more luck. Window companies suggest the use of French doors to govern entryway traffic, as their design additionally maximizes air retention. While sliding doors take time to open and close, French doors can be used quickly—reducing the amount of escaped air.

Reason Four: They’re Durable

Understandably, some homeowners may not want all-glass doors. Similar to sliding glass and patio doors, French doors are available with highly durable materials. You needn’t sacrifice home security for a nice French door, and you can purchase a set with high-protection-grade glass. In fact, some French doors are hurricane-proof; they can withstand high-speed gusts while protecting your interior from flying objects. 

In most cases, French doors serve multiple purposes. Their improved durability over the years makes them viable security doors—while their ever-growing design options serve homeowners seeking comfort and style. Because French doors require extremely little maintenance, they’re easily installed, removed and altered. Sometimes, direct sunlight is the best option.

Even if you want French doors with opaque glass—to boost your home’s privacy—you should consider placing them near a garden area. Today’s homes are prioritizing French doors over other options, and for good reason. If you want to replace your windows, restore a backyard area or blend your patio area, consider French doors. You’d be surprised how much change a single installation can create.

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