Your home is an investment. Over time, it will appreciate, hopefully. However, there are a multitude of home improvement projects that can increase the rate at which your home appreciates. You could renovate your kitchen or bathroom. You could also add an extra room to your home. Many people say adding new energy-efficient windows increases your home’s value too? But, do they? And, why?

The Benefits of New Replacement Windows

Typically, home improvement projects that add value to your home increase convenience, make your home more attractive or help you conserve energy. Projects leading to these results increase value because they reduce costs for potential home buyers and you in the long run. In fact, many of these factors can be achieved when you add new energy-efficient windows too.

New Replacement Windows Reduce Energy Costs

Chip Gaines, expert general contractor for HGTV’s series Fixer Upper states that replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient windows will save you money and enhance the level of comfort you experience in your home.

Most homeowners value the ability to reduce their energy bills and feel comfortable in their home. As such, new replacement, energy-efficient windows enhance the value of your home.

Additionally, HGTV estimates that you can recoup up to 90% of your investment when you install new energy-efficient windows.

Replacement Windows Increase Safety

Beyond being an attractive addition to your home’s exteriors, new windows can improve safety. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that between 2003 and 2007, the United States experienced 3.7 million burglaries each year. A burglary can happen to anyone.

In general, burglars seek out weak windows and entry doors to gain access to homes. Fortunately, you can avoid this and increase the value of your home at the same time by replacing your windows.

If you placed your home on the market after upgrading your windows, you may find that your home is worth more because people value feeling safe while they are in their homes.

How to Choose Your Next Replacement Windows

With it clearly established that replacement windows increase the value of your home, it’s imperative you know what to consider when you are choosing your next replacement windows. With energy efficiency and style important factors, you should keep the following in mind when you research your next windows.

·         Will the windows complement your home’s exteriors?

·         How efficient do your windows need to be to save money?

·         Should you choose gas-infused panes?

·         How long can you expect your energy-efficient windows to remain efficient?

·         Are your energy-efficient windows warranted?

·         Does UV coating matter when it comes to energy-efficient windows?

The more question you ask, the more you increase your chances of getting the perfect, energy-efficient windows for your home.

At Window World, we can help you choose the right window for your home by guiding you through the process. We don’t simply sell windows. We inform our clients about their options so that they can make an informed decision about their next set of windows. If you’d like to learn more about the types of energy-efficient windows available on the market, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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