If you drive down any neighborhood in the North St. Paul area while it's raining, it is not uncommon to see gutters with water leaking through the sections. Although there are several reasons why the gutters could be leaking - poor assembly, corrosion, and weather damage - the fact is, they are still leaking. For years, homeowners had to deal with this agitation and continued to pour money into their gutters with little results. It wouldn't take long before they were leaking again.

The reality is this: If you purchase roof ducts that are pieced together by sections, you can EXPECT them to leak. It's only a matter of time. You will waste money hiring a contractor to repair them. If you choose to replace them with similar gutter systems, you will eventually run into the same problems within a short period.

The Solution: Seamless Gutters

To resolve this issue engineers designed seamless gutters back in the 60's to retain water without leaking during rain. Over the last sixty years, the seamless model has been perfected, making it the smarter choice for homeowners. Seamless gutters offer unique advantages over traditional gutters.

No Leakage. The purpose of a rain duct is to channel rainwater away from the base areas of your house. Why is this important?

  • Eliminates water buildup around the building's foundation
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of flooding in the basement
  • Eliminates splashing which causes stains around the vinyl siding
  • Keeps rain away from the entry doors, patio doors, and sliding doors
  • Protects the roof, soffit, and fascia

Window World installs seamless gutters in one piece. They are designed to fit perfectly around the fascia with no breaks. There is no chance for water to go anywhere except the downspout.

Seamless Gutters are a Long-Term Investment

As a homeowner, you are always looking for an investment on your return when purchasing home improvement products. On average, seamless aluminum gutters cost more than traditional gutters. The payoff, however, is a higher-quality product that will last longer with fewer repairs and maintenance. Traditional gutters are less expensive, but you'll have to replace sections more often and pay for more repairs and maintenance. It's simply not worth the hassle over the long term.

On-Site Construction

One of the challenges of seamless gutter installation is transportation. After all, one long piece of aluminum can stretch several feet on a long house. The industry solved this dilemma in the late 70's with the invention of the Portable Gutter Machines. Now contractors can custom-fabricate entire duct systems of various colors, shapes, and materials according to your home's specifications.  A portable gutter machine eliminates guesswork and material waste. It also gives your home a more streamlined uniform look without all the divots and uneven sections.

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