When it comes to your home’s exteriors, there are very few aspects that stand out to guests. From the vantage point of the road, the most important aspect of your home is your entry door, but why? The following are a few reasons the entry door you choose matters.

Your Entry Door Helps Your Home Stand Out

Whether someone is passing your home on the road or they come up to your door, the first aspect of your home that stands out to them is your entry door. With entry doors coming in a variety of colors and styles, your entry door can transform your home’s exteriors. In fact, you can choose between a lot of styles and designs that will set your home apart from other homes on your block. Some of the latest trends in entry doors include:

·         Multi-panel doors

·         Floor to ceiling glass doors

·         Extra tall traditional doors

·         Extra wide doors

·         Pivot doors

Doors manufacturers are changing the game when it comes to entry door because they agree that entry doors are an important aspect of your home.

Entry Doors Signal What’s Inside Your Home

The design of your entry door is similar to a bow on a wrapped gift. It builds suspense about your home's interiors. When you choose the right door, most people on the outside will know that the inside of your home is just as delightful. In fact, your entry door sets the tone when it comes to great expectations. Extra tall doors signal that your home interiors may be elegant or modern. Extra tall doors also send a signal that you care about your home’s interiors, which will set the tone for guests who visit your home.

Entry doors with glass inserts are another style of door that makes a statement. Homeowners who choose these designer doors signal that they care about their home, and make design choices that add value to their home.

Your Entry Door Protects Your Home

Beyond the look of your home, your entry door is important to your family’s safety. When it comes to robberies, many thieves go for the low hanging fruit. They attempt to break into your home by taking advantage of weak access points like entry doors and windows. Fortunately, when you have a new entry door that’s secure, you discourage thieves from breaking into your home.

Entry Doors Help Keep Your Home Tight

Finally, one of the most appealing aspects of an entry door is its ability to reduce your energy bill. With many homeowners concerned with the cost of their utility bills, entry doors are a great way to save money.

Many manufacturers are incorporating additional features to make entry doors more efficient. By choosing a door that’s made of an energy-efficient material, you could conserve energy. For instance, entry doors made of wood clad are highly efficient, compared to traditional wooden doors. Additionally, patio doors that include Low-E coatings and include low-conductivity gases help keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Now that you know the importance of your entry door, don’t simply choose the first door that appeals to you. Take you time and thoroughly research your options with one of our entry door specialists at Window World in Minnesota.

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