Siding is one of the most popular options when it comes to home exteriors. Millions of people love the flawless, finished look siding gives their home come compared to brick. Unfortunately, the desire to have siding on their homes encourages many homeowners to install their siding without the help of a professional. If you are one such homeowner, consider the following problems many homeowners run into when they install their siding.

#1. You May Choose the Wrong Siding for Your Climate

The siding you choose shouldn’t be based on your budget solely. You have to consider your climate before choosing what siding to apply to your home. Across Minnesota, homeowners frequently experience cold winters and hot summers. During the winter months, severe weather gives home exteriors a beating, so it makes sense to choose a durable siding. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose vinyl siding, which isn’t as durable as other options on the market. If you choose to install vinyl siding, without understanding how climate affects vinyl, then you could undermine the security of your home during winter months.

#2. You May Fail to Install Your Siding Properly

In the absence of severe weather, you could still have a problem if you install your siding incorrectly. Siding requires intimate knowledge about industry best practices to ensure siding is installed correctly. For instance, you should know how to overlap the strips of siding. You should also know how deep nails should go. Without this knowledge, you could have problems with your vinyl siding on a mild day. Your siding could fall off, which would affect your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, if you allow the problem to persist, then you could have future complications that may lead to an insurance claim on your home.

#3. You Could Crack the Siding

Although vinyl siding is a great option when it’s installed correctly, when it’s not, it could crack. Nailing your vinyl too hard can lead to cracked or split vinyl. In most cases, it takes years of experience to know how to handle vinyl. Without experience, installing your vinyl can become a game of trial and error. With every strip requiring a different nailing technique, you may waste time and money trying to get it right.

#4. Problems with Vinyl Installation

Beyond the problems with the vinyl you install, when you fail to install vinyl siding correctly, you get other problems. For instance, you may find that moisture leaks behind your vinyl. Over time, moisture can lead to an abundance of mold growth. Mold isn’t just an eyesore. It’s also a danger to your health. If you allow mold to remain on your home for an extended period of time, it’s possible for mold to get inside your home and jeopardize your interiors.

At Window World, we are experienced siding installers. We understand your desire to save money by installing your siding; however, if done incorrectly, you could be increasing the cost of the project altogether.

If a new look is what you want for your home, then we encourage you to contact us today to setup an appointment.

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