Vinyl siding is sold as a lifetime solution to a home's exterior. Whether it covers or replaces an existing siding system on an older home, or if it is in fact the outer covering of a new home, vinyl siding is the most efficient system available in today's building systems for efficiency and permanency. However, sometimes siding needs to be replaced. It may be due to storm damage, it may be due to repeated damage over the years, or you may simply want a different style of appeal applied to the outside of your home. Although siding is designed to maintain its structural integrity and protect your home, there are situations in which you may want to replace it.

Changing the Home's Exterior (color, texture)

The first reason to put new siding on your house when it isn't absolutely necessary is to change the appearance of your home's exterior. Pressure washing can typically restore vinyl siding to look brand new again, but there are cases in which you want new siding regardless. Sometimes it's as simple as wanting the outside of your house to be a different color, and there is nothing wrong with such an idea. In other circumstances, you may realize there are different textures of sidings which simulate an appearance you like without the expense and maintenance other siding materials require.

Insulated Siding and Energy Savings

One of the most common reasons for replacing existing siding is the new technologies available in today's world. Insulated siding pays for itself over the years in the form of energy conservation, along with the way modern installation techniques allow for simpler repairs as they come up. Further, contractor confidence in the siding systems they install allows for better and longer warranties against storm damage or the simple daily activities siding has to endure by its simple nature of being your home's exterior first defense against weather, children playing ball, or grownups who aren't always the best drivers.

Storms Damage Siding

Storms simply cause damage which can't always be predicted. Hail can cause dents and dings to any style of siding, a little bit of rainwater which slips through the roof and gutter system can freeze, expand, contract, and generally loosen siding which was properly installed. Winds can “do a number” on siding, further loosening that which was already compromised or removing a piece which in turn compromises the next layer.

Time Damaged Siding

The fact of the matter is, over time siding gets damaged. Vinyl siding is designed to withstand ordinary damage which occurs over the years, but the regular maintenance which was anticipated by the original design is rarely met. Although vinyl siding will continue to perform its intended function long after it has lost any sense of cosmetic appeal, the time does come when it needs to be replaced in order to maintain your nice home as you had hoped for it to be when you bought it.

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