Some houses are better suited for traditional window designs than customized or specialty windows. Some people prefer a plain design that doesn't draw attention provided by double hung windows. That's fine, it's your house and should be pleasing to your eyes while suiting the practical needs of you and your family. On the other hand, specialty windows can provide practical functionality when used properly according to the intent of their design. There are a few considerations to evaluate when deciding what style of windows you want or need as replacements.


The Versatile Usefulness of Modern Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the paradigm for American housing, and with good reason. The form looks good and works well. With advancements in technology, the window style has become more efficient, easier to produce and install, and generally eco-friendly for energy savings and use of recyclable materials. They utilize dimensional proportions for most homes from the viewpoint of an architect and are pleasant to the eye when used in conjunction with a house's design style. Double hung windows efficiently serve the needed function of the house and provide for the needs most homeowners have of their windows.


Specialty Window Styles and Their Specific Practical Functions

Some houses follow the fairly common single, double, or split level designs that most families find useful by providing private space as needed, and although family time is important, sometimes the living room and den public spaces allow for the adults and children to remain in contact while engaging in their own activities. Other houses are more unique but provide the same essential functions. Windows, likewise, can serve to personalize the house in either situation with a proven means of solving a problem or providing for a room's particular needs.


●        Glass Block
Glass block windows are a perfect example of this concept by allowing natural light in but not allowing a vision sight-line through. If you've ever taken a bath in a house which is situated to give the neighbors a direct line of sight you understand the concept. You don't want to close curtains and shut out natural sunlight, but you also don't want to glance out the window and see your neighbor's working in their yard.

●        Egress
Egress windows serve a specific function which is required by building code in some cases, but might be a good idea even when not required by code. They provide an emergency exit for areas of the house that may not have access to a door in an emergency situation. By definition, an egress window opens in a way which allows a fully equipped firefighter to pass through.

●        Bay
Bay windows are a small sunroom around a seating area, perfect for reading, napping, sewing, or any seated hobby you may enjoy while under the presence of multiple angles of natural sunlight.

●        Casement
Casement windows don't open, and therefore can be sealed to provide the best possible insulation and energy management while allowing a view of the outdoors.


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