Siding on a home, and especially vinyl siding, is expected to last forever outside of a disaster situation of fire or a fallen tree. In general terms and practical consideration, if the vinyl siding is cleaned annually and repaired when problem arise after storms or other physical damage occurs, it will last “forever” regarding the homeowner's lifetime. However, everything on Earth has a breaking point, and even siding can reach a point at which it needs to be replaced to maintain your home's appearance and continue to provide the function for which the siding was designed of protecting the rest of your home from the weather.


Investment Houses

Investment homes are a good example of when and why you may need to replace vinyl siding. For a relatively low expense in the overall scheme of things, new siding provides curb appeal by making the house look new. The first impression potential buyers get is that the house has either been properly maintained or properly restored, which gives them confidence as the buyer that they are buying a home worth the amount of money they are spending. Believe it or not, even inspectors are subject to a first impression and are less likely to dig deep in search of potential problems if they have the idea that the house doesn't have problems because it appears at a glance to be well taken care of.


Sheer Cosmetics

When vinyl siding first became available to the public, it was touted as being invincible as an outer layer for your home and with a simple cleaning would always return to a brand new appearance. Such a concept is true to an extent, but after 30-40 years of hail, sleet, and fallen limbs the damage does add up and leave the siding scratched and not very nice to look at even if it does continue to perform its structural function. There comes a time when siding needs to be replaced for sheer cosmetic value to maintain the appearance of your home's exterior.


Damaged Siding

Although vinyl siding is as rugged and durable as you can expect of any home exterior, it can loosen after years of storms, and once it begins to loosen a piece is going to eventually fall off the house if not repaired. Because the siding locks itself in place and functions as a system, once a bit of damage occurs, it will spread exponentially if not repaired promptly. When the damage is caused by a specific event, a storm, it can likely be repaired to maintain the integrity of the system. If damage occurs every time a storm passes by, either it wasn't installed properly or more likely, has outlived its functional usefulness as your home's exterior.


Upgrades and Modern Siding Options

Technology has developed siding options that weren't previously available. Ask your contractor about different contours, environmentally friendly sidings, and insulated siding designed to lower your power bill.


There are a variety of different types, colors, and textures of siding that you can add to your home to give your home that extra something it’s been needing. Give us a call at 651-770-5570 today for your free estimate!

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