Whether you're building a new home or renovating an older house, windows are an important design aspect which provide a functional use and cosmetic appeal. In many cases, the same blueprint design can look like a completely different house depending on window choices. It's important to discuss with your contractor what options are available and determine which windows will best serve your needs.


Street View and Standard Windows

Double hung windows are the paradigm for American houses. They are relatively inexpensive while providing the basic function of the window by opening easily to allow fresh air in as desired while allowing light in and providing a view of the outdoors. In addition to simply closing securely, new double hung windows have options for additional security measures which prevent them from being opened from outside even if you choose to leave them cracked for a breeze and the convenience feature of tilting inside for easy cleaning.


Variations and Measured Windows

A common variation of the double hung window is to have it built in a custom size for a window opening which is wider or narrower than typical to change the exterior look of your home. They can of course also be taller or shorter according to need. Floor to ceiling windows add an air of elegance and let in plenty of extra light, shorter windows placed higher on the wall can provide security while still allowing a view of the lawn. Double, triple, or larger sets of windows can be built in a single frame to make what is essentially a much larger window with separate openings.


Specialized Windows per Need

Several types of specialty windows are available to suit each room. Emergency egress windows may be required by code in a basement, but can be a good idea for any room which doesn't have easy access to another exit. Block windows are a great addition to a bathroom to allow natural light in, while still protecting your privacy. A bay window is always a nice feature to add to a home. Sliding or casement windows are sometimes needed to fit in a particular space according to your home's design, and work especially well in kitchens or half basement designs.


Any window is available in a variety of colors, whether solid or with a simulated wood grain pattern. Window World windows are designed to maximize glass space with less framing, which are vinyl covered welded aluminum and steel. The glass is double strength compared to standard code requirements. For a finishing touch, custom shutters are available to add a bit of color and interesting lines to the outside of your home. Window World has all appropriate licensure and insurance to begin contract work on your home immediately, and our employees are professional and courteous. Contact one of our representatives to schedule an appointment for an estimate at your convenience.

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