Bay windows are beautiful additions to a home. They bring a spacious, airy quality to a room that you can’t get with a regular window. Are bay windows right for you? Here are some pros and cons.


They allow natural light to enter the home. The panoramic nature of bay windows means that more natural sunlight will enter your home from several directions at the same time.

They add space. Bay windows can extend the length of a room by up to three feet. This, combined with the increased window coverage area, not only makes your room look bigger – it actually is.  

They add value to your home. People love how bay windows look. The clean, modern feeling conveyed by all that glass, combined with the increase in square footage, means that you might fetch a higher sales price for your home once you decide to sell.


They allow natural light to enter the home. You’ll get a lot of extra sunlight from bay windows, so make sure that you choose windows with high energy ratings against solar heat gain. And if you like to sleep in a completely dark room, you may wish to consider another kind of window.

It’s hard to find window treatments. Because of bay windows’ angles and configurations, it’s oftentimes difficult to install hardware for curtains, blinds, and other treatments.

Poor installation can lead to problems. If you do decide to install bay windows for your window replacement, we recommend using a reputable window installer. It is important that the bay windows are properly supported, that the foundation isn’t at risk of settling, and that load-bearing windows are used where needed.

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