For most your house, standard double-hung windows are suitable for your needs and perform the function you need them to do. They open easily and close securely, they look nice, and they provide a good level of insulation to prevent high power bills through drafts or loss or internal heated or cooled air. There are some situations which require a specialty window, or there may be a particular room where you simply would prefer the convenience and décor of a window designed to perform more than the standard function.


Basement Egress Building Codes

Egress windows in a basement are typically required by local building code, and especially if a bedroom is located in the basement. Egress windows provide a larger opening than a typical window, defined as being large enough for a fully equipped firefighter to fit through. The importance of such windows is to provide an emergency exit should a fire block the main exit. Egress windows are proven to save lives, and although you'll hopefully never need it, it may save yours one day. Other than in the basement or when required by code, it makes sense to install egress windows in any room which may not have access to a regular exit during an emergency.


Bathrooms: Natural Light and Privacy

Bathroom windows present a conundrum for most people. You want the natural light as a relaxing part of your bath, but you don't like the idea of someone looking in, especially if you live in a neighborhood where the neighbors are close. Glass block windows allow light in but do not allow for a sight line so you can rest assured nobody can see your most private moments of relaxing in a bath or being undressed while getting ready to go to work or out for the evening.


Where to Place a Bay Window

Bay windows are a nice addition to any home; their placement is a matter of design choice and where you think they might be most functional. With some house plans, a bay window works well in the living room, in others, it takes away from the intended focal point. A large bedroom usually works well for a bay window, as it allows for light and a place to sit where you can see outdoors while enjoying a book or otherwise relaxing. A side room, or especially a sunroom, is always a great location for a bay window where you can get away from any distractions you find in the rest of your house while pursuing a favorite hobby.


Nice windows can turn an ordinary house into an extraordinary home. Be sure to discuss with a professional designer from Window World MN as to how appropriate design plans will suit your home and discuss your options and pricing with one of our representatives to determine how new windows can add value and function to your house.

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