Choosing a new door for your home can be an overwhelming experience because if you're like most people, there are several design styles you really like and realize you have to pick one and live with it for years to come. The first step is to determine the use of the door, whether as the front entry, a side door which you may use on a daily basis or stand alone. , and extra back door which is rarely used, or patio access doors. At that point, you'll need to decide whether security or cosmetic appeal is more important, and how you need the door to function and whether it is going to include a screen or storm door. There are a few basic types of door which most homes tend to have, and the home design may determine which options you have to choose from.

Main Entry Door

The main entry door, in architectural terms, may not mean the door you actually use to enter your house on a regular basis if you park nearer and use a side door, rather it refers to the front door regardless of how much use it sees. There are plenty of options according to whether you want a wood, vinyl, or metal door, and whether you want built in glass accents. Some people having glass in their front door as they would rather use a people to view visitors without them knowing your home, which is really a personal preference. Although any modern door built and installed by a reputable company is going to be plenty secure, but some people have preconceived notions about what is best. Even if you're aware of this concept, you'll never be comfortable if you don't trust your door so it's better to go with what you've always trusted.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are typically sliding glass doors which lead to a deck or patio. Being solid glass and the width of what is generally thought of as two doors allows plenty of light into the room and a pleasant view of the deck even when you aren't using it. Curtains or blinds provide privacy when desired, and even though glass traditionally seems to be a weak material the doors are made with a specialty glass design which isn't going to break easily or allow entry for intruders.

French Doors (and French Rail)

French doors, and French rail door systems, are similar to sliding patio doors in a number of ways but typically a bit fancier. Muntins, rails, and sashes make the door look more like a floor to ceiling window than a typical sliding door. Hinged French doors provide a larger opening as both sides of the door allow access, and they are available in traditional styles which open into the house or in a modern design which opens outward

Like any home improvement project, it's a good idea to start by discussing your options with a trusted local contractor such as Window World MN in the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas. They can give advice based on what has worked for other homes with a similar situation to yours.

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