When compared to older home siding systems, modern vinyl designs offer many advantages over asbestos, aluminum, or even older versions of vinyl siding. The technologies used to produce vinyl siding has improved over the past decades, and the cosmetic features it has to offer has risen to the demands homeowners have requested. There are a few considerations to make when your house needs a new exterior and you begin to plan how to upgrade the home.

How Basic Modern Siding Is Different from Traditional Styles

Modern vinyl siding is environmentally friendly, made of recycled materials which can be recycled again when their current use is finished. Years ago, there were only a few color options for siding according to what the manufacturer thought would sell, in today's world there are many other colors readily available to suit your tastes and to provide the palette you want the exterior of your home to express. An additional feature of modern vinyl siding is it comes available in a number of contour patterns to simulate other siding styles, whether you want it to look like cedar shake shingled siding or a stone feature type of look. With the sheer function and performance vinyl is known for, your home can take on any number of looks according to your preference.

Insulated Siding

Modern siding is no longer a simply cosmetic piece of vinyl which covers a home's exterior. Modern siding comes with integral insulation which helps lower energy bills for heating and cooling the house. The insulated siding systems work in conjunction with your house's existing insulation as a complimentary addition to it rather than a replacement. Not only will you find your power bills to be lower after installing insulated siding, but you can rest assured you are doing your fair share towards responsibly applying eco-friendly principles to your daily life.

The Design Process

When determining the siding for your house, it's important to discuss with your contractor what the available options are and how each is best suited for the needs of your home and personal tastes. If, for example, your house seems to be incapable of maintaining a steady temperature as your heat or air conditioner runs and turns off, the insulated siding is a likely choice to provide a solution. If your homeowner's association limits the colors you're allowed to display, you will have to take the available options into consideration. Keep in mind you can always add accents as needed with new shutters, gutters, and doors which match the siding design. The simplest way to approach home design is to determine what you want the end result to be, and then discuss with a professional how to attain your goals.

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