Windows aren't something the typical homeowner installs on a regular basis, and therefore is likely to need some advice should a need for new windows arise. Technology has changed the way windows are built since 50 years ago, and options have become available you may not have considered or even be aware of. Windows can be the basic double hung style with convenience and security features, but they can also be much more according to the needs of your house and what you want to accomplish by having new windows installed.

Window Styles

Double hung windows are the basic paradigm for the modern home. They work well and provide the function for which they are intended. Typically they tilt inwards to make them easy and safe to clean, and often have a security feature which make them impossible to open from outside even if you have the window slightly opened to allow a slight breeze in.

Other options include an emergency egress style, which may be required by code in a basement or be a good idea in a side room. Basically, the window is large enough to allow a fully equipped firefighter to enter or leave the house during an emergency. Block windows are a nice feature for a bathroom or anywhere that requires privacy as they allow natural light in but block vision. Horizontally sliding windows can be a smart choice in some situations, particularly if needed to fit between kitchen cabinetry for a view of the outdoors.

Custom Designs

Custom designs for windows can involve any number of features, whether as to the window's size or shape. Round and oval windows can add a nice decorative feature to a home, as can regular double hung windows with a radius top. Several windows can be framed together so even though technically they are two or more windows with individual functions, they appear to be one large window.

How to Compliment Your Home Design

To some extent your home's design is going to determine how you choose new windows. Of course the space for an existing window can be opened up and made larger or closed in to accept a smaller window, but typically you don't want to make such alterations as it will look odd or out of proportion to the way the house was originally designed. If you simply need a window where one wasn't included in a solid wall, it may make sense to cut out a portion of the wall to add a window. Such a plan is certainly something to discuss with your contractor and listen to whether or not he determines it to be a good idea.

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