Glass block windows can offer you a unique approach to designing any room in your home. Our Window World specialists of having helped dozens of clients in North St. Paul and the surrounding area create cool, unique concepts that work in almost any setting. Below are some of our favorite creative ideas for using block windows.


Transitional Bathrooms

Do you have a bathroom that is more or less a transitional area between two rooms? Try filling up the walls with a full stack of block-style windows that allow the natural light come through. We’ve installed full-scale dimensional designs across entire walls before, and our clients love it! Best floor design? Go with a mosaic tile. The textures blend well.


Put it in the Shower

If privacy is your thing, then you’ll feel safe behind some block windows. The glass inside the block is distorted to eliminate transparency. Therefore, a Window World window specialist can install a block window anywhere in the house that you wish to have privacy. You can begin with bathtub/shower area where you may be the most vulnerable. We can create small windows for the showers or grand windows for the entire tub area. You get the benefit of natural light, but with all the privacy.


Custom Shapes

Although most homeowners think of block windows as only creating square or rectangular designs, we can also cut them into almost any shape you want. This opens up your options and allows you to be more creative when building or remodeling your home. Some of our clients like windows with the arch on top. You can full circles, octagons or virtually any other shape you want.


Bow Windows

Speaking of shapes, Window World also offers full bay and bow concepts that feature blocks throughout. Whereas we would normally install standard glass in a bay window, we can custom-curve the blocks to form a perfect circular design on both sides of the blocks. The transition from square to square be smooth and seamless throughout. These work great in bathrooms with large tubs and plenty of sitting space.


Window World Has Your Perfect Block Window Design

One of the benefits of choosing Window World MN for your next purchase or installation is that we can custom create windows to suit any taste of style. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we can either order it or create to your exact specifications. Call us today at 651-770-5570 and let us help you with your upcoming brand new installation or window replacement. We serve all residential and commercial properties in the North St. Paul, Minnesota area. How can we help you.

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