Even during the heart of winter, you may have to open your home’s windows. Perhaps you’ve burned dinner to a crisp, need to adjust that satellite dish on the roof, or want to sneak a smoke. But when you go to crack the window, you get resistance. The window is frozen shut.


There are some simple steps that you can take to thaw the window enough to get it open without causing any damage.


1. Turn up the heat. If you keep your thermostat low, such as 65 degrees or less, you should crank the heat up a bit. Not only will this warm the pane and frame, but it will also dry the home out. And it’s that pesky condensation that helps to freeze windows shut.


2. Brush it off. As the house is warming up, head outside and brush off any snow from the window and frame. Make sure no water is dripping from the roof onto the window. If so, remove the water source, or call your window installation professional.


3. Full of hot air. Blow hot air directly at the window and frame form the inside. A hair dryer works wonderfully. Have a towel handy to sop up any water as soon as you spot it.


4. Final push. Finally, to open the window, place the heel of your hand on each corner of the frame. Gently push the frame up. This should loosen any show and ice that remains in the frame’s tracks. If it still doesn’t open, repeat steps three and four until it starts to move freely. Remember that if your frame is saturated with water, you may have to dry it out with the hair dryer before the window will budge.


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