French doors are hugely popular with homeowners in Minnesota. With the beautiful landscapes that roll through this part of the country, French doors make the perfect addition as they can open up your viewing area while letting fresh air in. Window World works with homeowners to create original French door designs that work. Below are some of our ideas for optimizing your French door design.


Placement and Spacing

One of the key factors in putting together a French door ensemble is creating space. If you have French doors that will open up into a room or out on a patio, then you’ll need to account for the space that it’s going to require to open them up all the way. Window World specialists can work with you to establish proper placement to make this happen. We can guide you through measurements as well as the size of the doors that the designated space will allow.


Have You Seen the View?

Installing French doors in your home is always a treat for us. We like seeing your reaction when you open the doors to a stunning landscape or cityscape view that enhances the mood of the entire room. We suggest going all the way by installing large French doors. In fact, the bigger the doors, the better. We can make adjustments in your walls to properly place the doors exactly where you want them to. So go ahead, open up the doors and take in that beautiful view.


Limited French Door Space? Try Sliding Doors

If you don’t have as much room as you’d like for your French doors to swing open, the tray sliding French doors. Our contractors a durable, seamless slides right into your door frame. The best thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. You can implement French doors that accent any room style new or traditional, conservative or bold. We suggest considering just how far your doors can slide open before making the plunge to install them.


Screens and Low-E Filters

Two French door components that you’ll want to think about adding are:


●        Screens. If you want to enjoy the outside climate without opening the doors, then we can install screens that will eliminate bug traffic in and out of the house.

●        Low-E Filter. While sunshine is always plus for lighting your home, you can also choose Low-E Filter glass to block out the sun's UV rays and give you some added shade.


Are You Ready for French Doors? So Are We!

When you get ready to install French doors, then call the residential home remodeling professional at Window World MN. We can help you pick the right products, go over the project design, and install your windows. You get complete service from seasoned contractors you can trust. Every day we install doors for home and business owners across Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area. Call us at 651-770-5570 and let’s get you started today.

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