When it comes to stunning window designs, nothing replaces bay and bow window concepts. They give character and class to any home no matter what type of structure you live. At Window World, we help homeowners add that decorative touch by creating exhilarating bow and bay window designs. Are you looking for some ideas? Below are great starting points that will help you personalize your windows.


Add Windows to a Dark Room

It seems counter-intuitive to place large-scale windows in a dark room. But that’s precisely the point. The whole purpose of windows is to bring natural sunlight into a room and brighten it up. If you have a favorite bedroom or living area that never sees the sun, then we can install a bay or bow window and create a more comfortable environment. With large enough windows, you’ll discover a more balanced natural setting.


Create a Panoramic View

If you’re into intricate window frames, then you’ll want to fill in your windows. If, however, you want a full view to the outside, then we recommend clearing out the frames and opening up the windows. There’s nothing quite like drawing the curtains and taking in the hillside or skyline without anything blocking your breathtaking view. We offer windows of various sizes and dimension that will work in any home.


Ever Think About the Bathroom?

When we think about bay or bow windows, our first inclination is to install them in dining rooms, living rooms, or a den. Even bedrooms or office areas cross our mind. But what about the bathroom? If you have a large open bathroom with a gorgeous tub along the wall, then set the mood for your relaxing moments by hiring us to add a spread of windows around the bathing area.


Create an Entire Room Out of Your Window Design

If you go deep enough with your windows, you may find that you’ve added some square footage that turns into additional living space. Create a small study, reading room, or nap area that is fully enclosed with windows and ornate framework. You can line it with couches or wall benches. It can be your own private getaway.


Window World Can Help You Design Your Bay and Bow Windows

Window World MN can partner with you to create stunning window concepts. We provide complete design and installation for homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Call us at 651-770-5570 and let us help you launch your upcoming window installation project.

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