When we talk about energy efficient windows, homeowners automatically think that we’re referring to double to triple pane windows. It’s logical to believe that an additional pane would reduce the amount of air, heat, or cold air invading the home. But does it? Below, we take a look at double or triple windows and whether or not their an energy efficient solution for your home.


Energy Efficiency: The Core Issue

Energy efficiency is a fancy term for saving energy, thus saving money each year. In the world of construction, efficiency is calculated using R-Value. You may hear us talking about R-value when we install insulated wall systems. A material’s R-Value is how much thermal heat it allows to penetrate through the surface. For instance, fiberglass insulation has an R-Value of around 2.5 per inch. By comparison, spray foam insulation has a value of close 8 per square inch.


As you can see the higher the R-Value, the more insulative power the material has. The same concept applies to windows. The main issue here is how much thermal heat, cold, wind, and humidity is going to get through the window. The higher the window’s R-Value, the higher its capacity to shield the home from the outside elements.


The Advantage of Multiple Pane Windows

In the case of adding panes to windows, the logic wins out. Although additional panes do not keep out the Sun’s UV rays - you’d need shutters for that - it does keep out other elements like moisture, extreme temperatures, and high winds. For the homeowner, this means saving money on heating and cooling costs each season.


Once we install double or triple pane windows into your home, you can expect savings of up to 50% (assuming the rest of your house is adequately insulated). In some cases, high-end energy-efficient windows can give you a savings of up to 70%. We can help you decide what type of windows are going to provide you with the highest return on your investment.


A bonus feature of double or triple pane windows is that they also insulate your home from noise pollution, which can be an issue in the Minneapolis or St. Paul metro area. Thicker windows with additional reinforcement can reduce sound by up to 30%. You will want to consider this when you decide what windows are best for you.


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