Which way a door swings in your house isn’t the most important issue you’ll have to address when building or renovating your home. If you don’t think through the direction of the door swing in-house, however, it could come back to haunt you in ways unforeseen. We typically utilize industry standard practices when we install your doors. Regardless of standard methods, we have to reconsider our approach depending on your home’s floor plan. We cover all the possible doors in your house below and the common factors that determine which way the door will swing.

What is the Rule of Thumb

When it comes to door installation, there are no iron-clad codes or standards found in the industry or state regulations. There are guiding principles, that help us decide which way the door will swing. The rule of thumb is to install interior doors to open into the room. This approach prevents doors from becoming an obstruction in tight areas like hallways. Doors attached to tight spaces will often swing out to keep someone from getting trapped inside. An example of this would be a closet space, storage space to a half-bath.

Garage Entry Doors

We install doors that open from the garage into the house on either side of the frame. Safety is the critical issue when deciding the swing direction. Since garage doors are an exit, we would install the doors to open in the path of least resistance. If there is a fire or explosion that occurs, an outward-swinging door could become a barrier to escaping the house.

Exterior Doors

Doors around the outside of your house swing in or out depending what type of door it is. For example, when we install entry doors in your home, we almost always hang them to swing inward.  We usually install the hinges on the inside of the jam. Positioning them on the inside makes them secure and keeps burglars from unhinging them. By contrast, screen doors or secondary glass doors will swing outward. They act as a barrier to the main entry door and keep both doors from rotating inward if something slams into them.

Patio Doors

How we install patio doors largely depends on the space on either side of the door. Some patio doors are cramped in areas that do not allow them to swing inward, which is the preferred direction. You can have your doors installed to go in any direction, however. We also provide sliding patio doors as an option if the area doesn’t allow the doors to swing at all.

French Doors

French doors have the distinction of offering doors that swing inward and outward. Although we recommend a uniform swing, we can customize the installation that allows each door to turn opposite the other. Window World Provides Complete Door Installation Whatever direction your door swings in, we can install a custom entry, patio, French, or interior door in your home. If you are looking to replace some of the doors in your house, then contact Window World. We offer door installation, repair, and replacement for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Call us for a free estimate, 651-770-5570.  

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