One our most popular types of windows are block windows. Homeowners have them professionally installed to limit visibility from the outside looking in. We use block windows in a wide range of applications. Below is a brief description of how manufacturers engineer block windows and what options are available to you.


The Development of Glass Block

Glass blocks were initially developed in the 19th century to allow natural light to come through the windows in factories without compromising the building’s security. Glass companies referred to them as sidewalk skylights or pavement lights. Homeowners eventually took an interest in glass block and decided to implement the windows into their home designs.


Over the last century, window blocks have undergone a wide range of applications with minimal changes in the construction or type of glass used. They’re still a popular choice for homeowners due to their design and ability to provide privacy inside the house.


How is Glass Block Made?

Manufacturers design and build glass blocks as a single solid piece. The piece consists of glass wall blocks or plates that adhere together. How thick they are, depends on how thick the wall is. They also create hollow glass blocks that contain thick side walls for reinforcement. The blocks are cast in a concrete or metal mold and grouped to form different dimensions.


Hollow glass blocks are manufactured in halves and pressed together and annealed when the glass is still in the molten phase. The result is a solid block that has a hollow vacuum at its center. By the time we install the blocks into your home, they are strong enough to resist impact without chipping or cracking. When purchasing block windows, we recommend investing in Class 1 windows, which is the highest rating that a glass block can get.


Types of Glass Block Windows

We install all kinds of glass blocks for homeowners in the Minneapolis area. Some of the most popular block types include:


●        Bullet / Vandal Resistant

●        Fire Resistant

●        Gas Insulated

●        Colored

●        Frosted / Special Surface


Regardless of what type of block window you are looking for, we can install it in your home exactly the way you want it. We provide brand new home installation, block window repair, and full replacement. The installation process is simple since we can remove all the blocks as an entire unit.


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