There are all types of windows on the market today for residential properties. So no matter what you’re looking for you, you can get it at Window World. Which type of window is right for you? Below we rank the most popular windows and describe each. When you are ready for a window replacement, call us today. We can assess your current windows and make some recommendations as to the type of windows that will enhance your home design and provide protection for your family.


#1. Double Hung Windows

When it comes to window installation, double hung windows are hands down the most popular and practical windows you’ll purchase. Double hung windows are chosen for the versatility and robust design. They work in any setting no matter what type of look you’re going for.


#2. Bay and Bow Windows

Nothing says elegance and style more than bay and bow windows. Bay windows open up home your home and expand your panoramic view. A bonus to installing bay windows in your home is that it also gives you an extra seating or storage area at the base of the window.


#3. Egress Windows

We choose egress windows for their safety features as well as their aesthetic appeal. If you have a home in Minneapolis with a basement, egress windows add style, provide a safe escape in the event of a fire, and they meet Minnesota state building codes for residential windows.


#4. Casement Windows

Casement windows are second only to double-hung regarding their popularity. They contain lots of features such as beveled exterior edges, low-profile folding operator handles, multi-point locking systems, and heavy-duty welded vinyl. All of these features give the window added security.


#5. Glass Block Windows

What glass block windows lack in versatility, they more than make up for in uniqueness and style. Blocks are virtually impenetrable and add to your home’s efficiency. They’re perfect for bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere where moisture is present.


Which Windows are right for You?

If you’re wondering which windows are right for you, Window World can go over all the features and benefits of each type of window we offer. The right window will add style to home while giving you and your family superior protection. When choosing the right window, consider several factors such as efficiency, security, design, and construction. The right combination can improve your home’s resale value.


Window World Has the Right Window for You

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