Installing new windows is a major investment, but it’s one that should bring years of enjoyment. The benefits are both in the look and feel of your home, and the effect that heating and cooling have on your pocketbook. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to install new windows.


  1. Good windows are more than an aesthetic improvement in your home. An upgrade to new windows should eliminate the need for storm windows.

  2. Energy efficiency also increases. When purchasing new windows, check with your installation contractor, or check the manufacturer’s label, to see just by how much your windows will help conserve energy.

  3. Windows with multiple panes are even more energy efficient. There is gas between the panes (normally argon or krypton) that helps increase the insulating power.

  4. Don’t skimp on flashing. If your windows are not properly flashed, you run a serious risk of leaks in the future.

  5. Get new trim. Old trim and finishes around the window may look out of place, or even negatively impact the window installation.

  6. Ask a pro. Even if you don’t follow any of the above tips, make sure that you discuss your options with a professional window-installation contractor. This way, you’ll be sure to maximize the positive effect that your new windows will have.


Our professional window installers here at Window World will make sure that all aspects are handled efficiently and correctly so you do not need to worry about anything. Ask us any question and we will take you through the process together.



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