One of the reasons Window World Twin Cities is popular with homeowners is because we offer a wide selection of custom doors in every style imaginable. Our doors are ENERGY-STAR approved, durable, and provide you and your family with a high level of security. 2018 could be the year you get the doors you’ve always wanted. You can choose from our most popular products: patio doors, french doors, entry doors, and French rail doors. Contact us when you’re ready for a door installation.


1. Patio Doors

Patio doors from Window World Twin Cities combine easy operation with unmatched durability and security. Patio doors have the flexibility to go with almost any architectural style in both older and more modern homes. If you want a view out your back door, patio doors can open wide to give you a scenic panorama of the Minnesota skyline. One of the best features of patio doors is that they provide a seamless transition from any room in your home to the outside deck, yard, or even across a terrace.


2. French Doors

If you’re getting ready to renovate your living room or kitchen in 2018, French doors are the perfect finishing touch for connecting any two rooms or from any room to the outside. We install French doors to suit any area of your home. French doors are hinged patio doors, but are more attractive, offer greater functionality, and also allow a large of amount of sunlight to enter the room. We carry a variety of styles and configurations that you can work with to complete your home design.


3. Entry Doors

Entry doors are both welcoming and secure at the same time. It is a central feature that gives your home and your family a sense of class and character. Thus, your entry door should make a bold statement that tells your guests everything about you. We install doors that are built to last as they withstand the outside elements and can provide security from burglary. You’ll love how well Window World Twin Cities doors insulate your home as well.


4. French Rail Doors

French rail doors give you innovative design combined with traditional elegance. But there’s an additional feature you can’t find with conventional French doors: space saving slides. Instead of opening on a hinge, French rail doors slide open and closed. You no longer have to worry about putting things behind the French Doors. With all that extra space you can find new ways to design your home interior or exterior this year!


Add New Doors to Your Home in 2018

Window World Twin Cities provides superior door installation, dependable repair, and old door replacement. We specialize in serving residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. No matter what type of door you’re looking for or what style you prefer, we have the perfect door for you. To schedule a door installation or a free estimate, contact us at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.

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