Creating your personal touch and style in your bedroom is important. The window style choices we have available can enhance your bedroom. Want to let in more light? We can do that. Want privacy in your bedroom? We can make that happen.


5 Window Styles to Choose From

With 5 different window styles and limitless color and accessories for your bedroom windows, we can help you enhance your bedroom with just the right window.


1.      Casement Windows: If your goal is more light, the casement window is your answer. This style has the most glass area of any of our windows. Elegant and free of clutter, these windows let the light in and show your style.

2.      Slider Windows: Our slider windows come in a 2 and 3 lite configuration. You get the functionality of a sliding and pivoting window while still letting in as much light as possible. The pivot style allows for easy maintenance by allowing you to clean the sash inside your home. We call this our “swing and clean” model.

3.      Garden Window: Get extra space in your window for your plants. While garden windows are traditionally for kitchens, why not give your bedroom a personal garden space? Our garden windows from Window World Twin Cities have a full 1” glass package that with full insulation for a great environment for you and your plants.

4.      Double Hung Window: This is our most traditional window model. With tilting sashes, this elegant and classically styled window is easy to clean and beautiful. We use SolarZone TG2 EliteTM  in our glass to protect your bedroom furnishings from the harsh sun.

5.      Bay & Bow Window: Have you got a great view from your bedroom? A bay window from Window World Twin Cities is a way to get the most out of the view. This window also offers added style to the outside of your home. We even include a 3” pre-insulated seatboard for you to sit in the window and enjoy that great view


Accessorize Your Windows

Once you choose your own personal style of window, Window World Twin Cities has got a limitless number of options for accessorizing your window. You can truly personalize your new bedroom windows to your style. Here are some accessory options to consider:


●        Color. You can choose a solid color out of our 4 solid color choices, or choose one of 3 pre-finished interior wood-grains. You can even choose unfinished to paint or stain the color of your choice.

●        Grid. Whether you want traditional looking windows, or windows with grids, we have many choices for you. Want diamonds, or colonial? We can do that.

●        Etching and Glazing. For the ultimate personal touch, Window World Twin Cities can etch or glaze a design into the glass of your window. Let your personal style shine with our window accessories.


Enhance Your Bedroom with Windows From Window World Twin Cities!

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