When purchasing new or replacement windows for your home, a warranty offers you reassurance on your purchase. By knowing our windows have a limited lifetime warranty, you assured of our commitment to total satisfaction. Window World Twin Cities gives you our commitment for the best product and service on your new or replacement window purchase.


Peace of Mind

Window World Twin Cities gives you peace of mind with a limited lifetime warranty on all  our new installs or window replacements. Our warranty covers vinyl parts, mechanical parts, insulated glass, glass breakage, and labor. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is fully transferable. You can pass this warranty to the homeowner when you sell your home, and pass along this piece of mind to a potential buyer of your property.


Our company is the largest manufacturer of new and replacement windows in the US. Window World Twin Cities stands behind its product and we are with you for the duration. We are here for the long-term for your needs with window replacement and repair. Our warranty is the strongest warranty of its kind. From the date of installation until the date you sell your home, we will be there for your needs.


Home Value

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make. New or replacement windows from Window World Twin Cities will increase your home’s value and beauty. Energy efficiency in a home increases your home’s value. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty will transfer to the new owner if you sell, making the home more desirable to potential buyers.


Warranty Coverages

Our windows are fully covered from defects in material or workmanship. Key components of our warranty include:


●        Vinyl Parts. Our vinyl components, under normal use, will not peel, blister, corrode or rot.

●        Mechanical Parts. Our mechanical parts are free from defects in manufacture, materials, and workmanship. We provide replacements for defective parts at no charge.

●        Insulated Glass. We warranty the seal on our insulated glass from moisture or dust in the air space between the glass. We provide Replacement units for failures at no charge.

●        Glass Breakage. We even warranty against accidental glass breakage and will provide the owner with a replacement unit.

●        Labor. We cover all labor expenses to correct any item covered by warranty.


The most important component of our warranty is its transferability. Window World Twin Cities will transfer the warranty on your new or replacement windows to the new owner of your home when you sell. Window World Twin Cities truly stands behind our products.


Get the Best Windows and Warranty from Window World Twin Cities

Window World Twin Cities is your window expert in the North St. Paul area. Let our experts help you find the perfect window with the best warranty. Give us a call at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.

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