Window World Twin Cities has information on egress windows for your window replacement or window installation needs. Egress windows allow for escape in case of emergency. Egress windows also allow emergency personnel access to your home should the need arise. To meet building codes, there must be at least one egress window in each bedroom.


Basements and Egress Windows

In the Minnesota area where we are based, we speak most often of egress windows when it comes to basements. We add egress windows to basements to allow emergency personnel like firefighters access to your home. To accommodate the gear of a firefighter, we need to have a clear opening of around 5.7 feet. Keep your basement safe with egress windows from Window World Twin Cities.


Many people like to convert their basement space to an extra bedroom. In order for a space to count as a bedroom, it must have an egress to the outside. Be mindful when you are doing a basement conversion. You may need to dig out part of the yard to accomodate a larger egress window. In the twin cities, basements are common. Code compliance on installing your egress window is critical for a successful project.



What Type of Windows Work Best as Egress Windows?

Just about any of our windows at Window World Twin Cities will work as egress windows.  As long as a window opens to the outdoors and is large enough to crawl through, it is considered an egress window. You may want to consider our single casement windows for your basement egress. Single casement windows are easily sized to the same width as an existing basement window.


Creation of a larger window can also let in more natural light and make your basement appear larger. Bringing in more natural light will make your basement brighter and more welcoming. No one wants to have the bedroom in a dark basement. Window World Twin Cities can build a custom window for your egress needs on your basement remodel.


Need Egress Windows in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

At Window World Twin Cities, we have qualified estimators on staff that know the local codes in the North St. Paul area. We can come out and measure your egress window space or work with the plans drawn up by your contractor or architect. Your egress window can be fully customized to your space. We can provide a free estimate for your new egress window in Minnesota.


Window World Twin Cities is your egress window expert. Let our experts help you find the perfect window with the best warranty. Give us a call at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.

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