Making a decision about the type of siding for your home is important to you. You want to protect your investment in your home, therefore, you want a product that lasts a lifetime. Window World Twin Cities can help you compare the different siding types to see how vinyl stacks up.


Things to Consider When Choosing Siding

There are many things to consider when choosing siding. Here are some important factors to think about when it comes to your home’s siding:


●        Water. One of the most important things your siding does is protect your home against moisture intrusion. How well your siding holds up to the elements, especially rain, is its most important factor.


●        Eco-Awareness. In today’s society, as a homeowner, you should think about how your siding fits into the environment. Did it come from a renewable resource? What is the carbon footprint? Do you need solvents or chemicals to constantly seal and reseal your siding from the elements?


●        Energy Efficiency. Siding plays an important role in the energy efficiency of your home. You need to be aware of the insulating properties of different siding choices.


●        Durability & Warranty. No one wants to do an expensive job on their house twice. Your siding should be durable. And what is the point of a siding without a lifetime warranty?


●        Beauty. You want your home to reflect your personal style, therefore, you should pick a siding that gives you lots of colors and options to choose the one that fits you best.


●        Cost. Every project and every person has a budget! You want the best siding you can get, installed professionally, with a warranty, and for a great price.


Siding Types

To know how vinyl siding stacks up, you need to look at other types of siding and what the pros and cons are of each of those types:


●        Wood. Known for its charm and versatility, wood is often the “go-to” siding choice. It comes in many finishes, and you can stain or paint it any color. In today’s world “sustainable” is the buzz when it comes to wood siding. Wood siding from a non-sustainable source is definitely not eco-friendly. And finally, wood takes another hit in the maintenance department. Get ready to paint, stain, or seal wood as often as yearly.


●        Stucco. While stucco can be a lifetime product, it is not great for high-moisture areas and it is very costly to install.


●        Stone. While stone is the oldest siding option on earth, the lack of sustainability of the materials and the cost of install make it prohibitive to most homeowners.


●        Brick. Brick is definitely eco-friendly by being made out of clay. Like stucco and stone, it is expensive to install. Brick can also hold moisture and promote mold growth. Brick itself is strong, but the mortar is not and will need expensive maintenance and/or replacement down the road.


●        Vinyl. Vinyl has grown to be the most popular siding choice for many homeowners. You rely on the weather resistance vinyl provides to keep your home safe and dry. The limitless color and design options allow vinyl to mimic any other siding type. A good cleaning yearly with eco-friendly cleaners is all vinyl siding needs in the way of maintenance. And the best feature of all-vinyl is the most cost effective of all the siding options with a price range for anyone.


Vinyl Siding for the North St. Paul Area

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