Different colors can change your moods, therefore, our environments needs to be comfortable to us. Choosing the right color can set the tone or mood for the room. Window World Twin Cities has experts on staff to help you sift through color options to match your specific needs.


Windows and Color

The color of your room and the color of your windows can have a profound effect on your mood. You might want the colors of the outside to blend well with the inside. Maybe you want a stark difference between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Our experts can help you pick through our color choices to set the mood you want in your window space.


Color Setting the Mood

Have you ever wondered why you like a particular color? Do you choose a color because of the  mood that color puts you in? Here are some colors and the moods they set for your window design.


Red. Hungry? Red is the color choice for traditional dining rooms because it is said to increase your appetite. Red is also known to set a mood of urgency or frenzy. Red is a good color for athletic spaces. Anywhere where you want intense feelings, bring on the red!


Orange/Yellow. Need to cheer up or feel optimistic? Then hues of orange and yellow will perk you up and increase your mood with overall feelings of well being and optimism. Yellow spaces are happy spaces. If you work from home, this is the color family to keep you more productive and optimistic about your endeavors.


Green. If you are somewhere stressful, green may be just what the doctor ordered. Green is the least straining on the eyes and is great for bringing on a peaceful mood. Green works so well at evoking peace that it is often the color chosen for prisons to keep the mood calm. Green is also a great color for children’s rooms where siblings share a space. Not only is it a gender neutral color, it evokes feelings of harmony and peace in your window design.


Blue. Closely related to green, we know blue to evoke feelings of calm and peace. The color blue can even slow down your heart rate. Studies also show that blue is good for large open office spaces where it keeps the feeling of calm and increases productivity simultaneously.


Purple. Trying to set the mood for creativity and production? Purple is your color. The hues in purple activate the creative mind space and increase energy. Have a space in your home or office for your writing or art? Purple is the color for you. Have a luxury space in your home? Try purple. Purple was the color of royalty for a reason.


Window World Twin Cities Brings Color to Your Windows

With limitless design and color options, our experts can consult with you to bring the perfect mood to your space for your windows. Our windows are beautiful, durable, and energy efficient. Choose your color to personalize your space. For more information, give us a call at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.

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