When making a decision about window replacement in your home, there are many items to consider. Cost is definitely a factor. Deciding on the investment of double pane windows is an energy-efficient decision. Window World Twin Cities brings you the reasons why double pane windows are worth the investment.


What Are Double Pane Windows?

Beyond just 2 panes of glass, we engineer double pane windows from Window World Twin Cities for a lifetime of use. The sashes have multiple chambers to increase thermal efficiency. We pump argon gas between the panes, which also increases the energy efficiency. The great thing about argon gas is that it does not respond to temperature fluctuations, so your windows will not bow or flex as the temperature changes outside.


Benefits of Double Pane Windows:

Double pane windows have many benefits over single pane windows. Here are some of the features that make them worth the investment:


●        Noise Reduction

●        Energy Efficiency

●        Comfort

●        Carbon Footprint Reduction

●        Increased Home Value and Easy Resale

●        Tax Savings and Rebates


Quality Double Pane Windows

Not all double pane windows are created equal. Windows from Window World Twin Cities have a lifetime guarantee that is transferable to the next owner of your home. Our installers take great care in installation of your new or replacement double pane windows. We know your home is a big investment, and our windows are a great addition to your home to protect that investment. Here are some features of our quality double pane windows:


●        Energy Star Glass Packages

●        Multi-Chambered Mainframe and Sash

●        Virgin Vinyl Components

●        Warm-edge Spacer Systems

●        Interlocking Sash System

●        Sloped Sill

●        Limited Lifetime Warranty

Are Double Pane Windows Worth It?

Making decisions on the investment that is your home can be difficult. You should consider factors beyond just the budget. Our experts from Window World Twin Cities can provide a free in-home measurement and consultation on your window replacement project. We will bring a working window with us when we visit so you can see how our windows measure up. You will be able to see the quality in our product and how it will add value to your home.


When you are considering whether double pane windows are worth the investment, you also should think about the installation. Our qualified installers will make sure your windows get installed without any problems. We custom fit our replacement windows to your home. Our warranty not only covers our windows, but also our installation.


Double Pane Windows in North St. Paul

We are your source for double pane windows in the North St. Paul area. We come to you with free in-home consultations. We offer a lifetime warranty on parts and installation. To contact us a Window World Twin Cities, give us a call at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.

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