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Investing in new windows is a big decision you don’t take lightly. When you consider upgrading or remodeling it’s important to understand the process, products and trust the company doing the window installation. In this article, we delve into the three most common types of window material and the features and benefits of each.


1. Vinyl Window Material

The most popular material for new windows is vinyl. Vinyl is quickly becoming the de facto standard for replacement and new construction windows. Vinyl windows are low maintenance as they don’t show scratches and never need painting. A common perk to vinyl is the elimination of caulk and easy maintenance. From the inside of your home, all you need to do is occasionally wipe the window with a damp cloth and your vinyl windows will shine for years.


2. Aluminum Windows

When dealing with aluminum material, consider that the painted surfaces are easily scratched. While light and strong, aluminum material is a conductor of both heat and cold so they provide poor insulation and can even let frost develop inside the window pane. This makes them lower efficiency windows overall. Newer window installations rarely use aluminum as they are far less beneficial than more modern vinyl material. Unless you need a custom shape that aluminum provides or a very economical up-front choice, it’s best to go with an alternative material.


3. Wood-Framed Windows

Wood window frames are easy to install, highly insular, and have a genuine look and feel you can’t get with other materials. Wood is a popular material for older homes with classic architecture and newer eco-friendly applications. Wood frames also provide the most amount of noise reduction in terms of outside sounds. There are drawbacks to wood materials such as:


●        Left untreated, wood windows can rot and warp.

●        Wood frames need continuous painting maintenance and upkeep.

●        Windows can be difficult to open when moisture and humidity cause the material to swell.

●        Wood is vulnerable to insects, especially termites.


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