Energy-efficient windows, or Low-E windows, are the latest trend in home glass installation. Window World Twin Cities is a leader in the high-efficiency window industry and provide windows and patio doors with the highest energy efficiency on the market. We offer the highest-quality window and door glass installation in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. Let's examine the many innovative technologies in window, patio, door, and skylight glass that affects energy efficiency in your home.


Benefits Of High-Efficiency Windows

There is a plethora of advantages to installing energy efficient windows, such as the following:

●        Increase your energy savings.

●        Reduce sun damage to your property.

●        Filter damaging UV rays to protect your inside furnishings.

●        Cool your home faster and more efficiently in summer.

●        Improved glass performance for your home.

●        Keep your home warm and comfortable in winter.


Glazing: Dual and Triple

Glazing is a term to distinguish legacy single pane glass windows or entry doors with dual and triple pane glass. The insulation glazing provides keeps homes in northern regions warmer while keeping the sunlight from lowering the energy efficiency of your summer air conditioning. In summer, expect a 58% reduction in solar heat gain. This really adds up the savings on your utility bill.


Spacers With Argon and Krypton Gas

Enhance the thermal performance of your windows with gas used between panes of glass. Argon and Krypton are invisible gases that increase the heat protection while remaining transparent in appearance. Top window companies provide this technology to increase the efficiency of your home’s windows, doors, and other glass components. The warm-edge spacers keep your glass edges warmer in winter. The difference between insulating glass units and ordinary spacers can be dramatic.


Low-E Glass For Windows and Doors

Long-wave radiation from the sun will filter out with Low-E glass. This keeps your home cooler in the summer months. During the winter, this glass lets in the warm solar rays and blocks heat from escaping your house through the glass windows and doors. Low-E windows are a win-win in any season.


TCO Coating

Transparent Conductive Oxide coating enhances the U-factor of glass by reflecting heat back into the home. This is also called a 4th surface as the coating makes double-pane windows perform like triple pane. TCO coating offers less light reflectance and more light transmittance than triple glazing.


Energy-Efficient Windows from Window World Twin Cities

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