Your home is about your expression, therefore you want the finishes for your home to reflect your personal tastes. Nothing changes the exterior look of your home more than windows. Window World Twin Cities discusses how to match the right window to your personal taste.


Window Types

There are all sorts of window types to choose from to match your tastes. Energy efficient windows come in a wide range of choices to match any decor. Improve the look of your home while you save energy. Here are some window types and their features:


Double Hung Windows. This window installation is the most complimentary of just about any type of home architecture. You can choose different finishes to match your home or make it stand out. This window is easy to maintain and clean from the inside of your home.


Sliding Windows. Sliding windows offer the large view of a picture window yet allow you to open them up for fresh air. This crisp, clean design will add light to your home. You can get the sliding window in both two and three light designs. Our sliding windows allow you to lift the sash out easily for cleaning.


Bay and Bow Windows. These windows add style to the exterior of your home and space to the interior. Enjoy views with bay and bow windows. Create an elegant nook for reading and relaxing.


Grill Pattern on Window Installation

One way to personalize your window installation is to work with window grills. Once used to separate panes of glass, we can now install grills between glass panes of double-pane windows. Grills can also snap onto the surface of the inside of your window allow removal for cleaning or to change the look of your window. You can transform an ordinary window into a craftsman or cottage look just by changing the grills in the glass.


Window Accessories

To personalize your windows further, you can add accessories. You can change the hardware on the window to match your style. You can add various shutters to change the look of your window and show your personal taste. A professional window company can design custom options for your windows and accessorize your windows to make you stand out and show your style.


New and Replacement Windows in the Twin Cities Area

Look to Window World Twin Cities for your new and replacement windows for your home. Add your personal touch with suggestions from our design experts. Make your home stand out with design choices for your new or replacement window installations that reflect your personal tastes. For more information, give us a call at 651-770-5570, or you can message us on our contact page.


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