Let’s get right to the point. If you implement a wall system or an insulative product in your home that doesn’t seal your home interior, then you’ve wasted time, money, and resources. It’s better to start over. This is where we come in. At Window World we provide complete insulated wall systems that fully protect your home regardless of how cold it gets outside. Read below to find out more about these unique building products.


It All Starts with R-Value

Contractors in our line of work determine the value of insulative material based on the amount of air or moisture that passes through the wall. This measuring ‘stick’ is known as its R-Value. All insulative material falls under this type of scrutiny.


On the low end of the R-Value scale is fiberglass and cellulose insulation (R-Value around 2.3 per inch). At the high end of the scale is spray foam (R-Value between 5.00 and 8.00 per inch).


What are the Benefits of Insulated Wall Systems?

Insulated wall systems provide even more protection than spray foam insulation, but with even greater benefits. Here are a few key advantages:


●        Insulated wall systems are actually reinforced siding that has an impenetrable surface. Unlike common insulation, nothing's getting through the surface - not even moisture.

●        Since these systems are siding-based, they also offer more decorative features. Therefore, you can combine aesthetics with functionality.

●        Far more durable than traditional insulation. Like conventional siding, these wall systems seem to last forever.


Save Money with Window World Wall Systems

In the world of siding and insulation, the only thing that truly matters is energy-efficiency. In other words, how much money will you save in the long run by installing Insulated wall systems? The tight seal system completely locks out moisture and air. The result is a fully protected home interior in which you can save up to 50% on your home heating costs during the cold season. This also leads to reduced furnace repair and maintenance costs.


Call Window World to Install Your Insulated Wall System

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