Lights! Windows! Action! Bringing natural lighting into your home is the perfect way to make any room seem bigger. Overall, there are many advantages to bringing in a little brightness. For one thing, you'll enjoy a more natural circadian rhythm, which is good for your health. For another, your home will seem more spacious and look better.

So, if you notice that your home doesn't look as bright as you want it to, we have some suggestions for you.

If you're tired of the dark rooms in your home, here are some cool window designs from Window World to allow more of the sun to shine through!

1. Create a Panoramic View

Whether our contractors are installing casement windows, bay and bow windows, or large double-hung windows, bigger is brighter! Whichever room you choose, our window specialists can expand the entire window frame, clear out some space, and install minimal window designs that allow you to enjoy a clear panoramic view in the front yard or back.

If you're considering installing new windows in any room of your house, you'll make a visual statement with larger windows and also find they bring in the light.

2. Spread the Windows Out

If you're looking for a creative challenge and want some space in between the windows, then let our design team help you every step of the way. We recommend double-hung windows for this project but will cater to your personal taste and style.

We can draw up a design to spread out windows across the wall and leave space in between. The taller and wider the windows, the more light they will let in!

3. Expand Light in the Basement

The one area of the home that always uses a little more light in the basement. Our suggestions? Egress windows. This specially designed window was made for basement walls. The reason for this is that they're easy to climb out of in case of an emergency. Even the children in your home can climb out of these simple windows.

But you don't have to sacrifice for practicality. We can make your egress windows look beautiful on the inside and out!

These are an ideal option for any basement, so reach out today to learn how to make the lower level of your home beautiful, safe, and usable.

4. Add Doors to Your Design

While windows allow an entire expanse of light to fill a room, doors can have the same effect when strategically positioned and designed.

For instance, why not throw some French Doors in front of the back porch? Go big with the door plan and watch the daylight penetrate the room. Patio doors also have the same effect and can liven up any atmosphere.

So, these doors have a dual purpose. They can make your home much more functional and even allow for more effortless entertaining. This is because more doors make it easier to go from the outside to the inside in a flash.

Plus, you'll be able to bring extra light into the home, along with more fresh air.

5. Bring Natural Light with Smaller Windows

If you're looking to highlight a particular area of the room, you'll want to reduce the size of the windows and place them precisely in the areas you want lit. This technique is common in smaller areas such as a bathroom.

Homeowners often implement glass block windows because they channel light and they have a modern style! And, while smaller windows make sense in a bathroom for privacy, they don't have to make the room seem dark.

By picking a suitable option and spacing the windows out correctly, you'll get lots of natural light to help you get ready in the morning.

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