If your gutters look like they’ve had enough, then you can get brand new gutters from Window World. New gutters will be effective at channeling rainwater away from the base of your home. This reduces or eliminates flooding, standing water, and puddle splashes that can stain your vinyl siding. Below we look at two different types of gutters. We’ll discuss their features and advantages.


1. Seamless Rain Gutters

Over the past two decades, seamless rain gutters have ‘made a splash’ in the roofing industry. They’ve become the standard for all gutter designs. There are several reasons for this. Let’s highlight a few of them.


●        No More Leaks. Seamless gutters were created to eliminate multiple sections dragging along a side of your home. Rather than water seeping through the sections, one large strip covers the entire side with no interruption. With fewer sections bridged together, fewer leaks can occur.

●        Instant Installation. Our crew arrives in a company truck with all the tools and supplies necessary to complete the job. We measure your roof’s dimensions. We then roll out the seamless gutter, cut it to design right there on the spot, and then attach it to the roof. The installation is simple, and it cuts down on labor costs.

●        Unparalleled Durability. Seamless gutters can last up to three times as long as standard gutters and will not sag or create leaks in the system.


2. LeafProof Gutter Covers

Homeowners in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area spend hundreds of dollars each year in gutter cleaning costs. While it’s true that gutters need to be cleaned out, Window World has a more practical and cost-effective solution: LeafProof Gutter Covers. LeafProof offers gutter covers that protect the entire channel system all the way around the house. Here’s why your home needs gutter covers.


●        Flawlessly match your current gutter design. There are 11 styles that we can install.

●        Rain will channel directly into the gutter no matter how hard it’s coming down.

●        They eliminate water damage to the edge of the roof or the vinyl siding.

●        The flexibility that allows it to work with any type of roofing system.


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