Adding a sunroom can add value to your home while providing your family with an additional room to spend time in. No sunroom is complete without attractive, sturdy windows to let in the sun.


When you’re choosing windows for a sunroom, there are a few things you should take into account. Sunrooms can become high maintenance. Being aware of what you want out of a sunroom and the right ways to install them will make your sunroom more enjoyable.


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UV Protection

UV rays can lead to skin problems, as well as furniture damage. Choosing the right windows can reduce the effects of the sun’s rays and protect you from UV-related skin problems.


The windows you choose for your sunroom need to provide UV protection. Newer sunroom windows contain special glass that’s made to protect from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to soak up the sun without the risk.

Adequate Home Insulation

A sunroom can give you plenty of extra light to brighten up your room. The windows, however, can allow heat to penetrate the room and cause your cooling bill to skyrocket during the summer. Make sure the room stays temperature-controlled by installing windows that insulate the sunroom instead of becoming heat conductors.


Newer windows provide two or more panes of glass to insulate the room better. The heat stays out while your sunroom remains cool. Insulative windows can also keep your sunroom warm during the Minnesota winters.

Window and Door Size

Like any other windows in your home, you can invest in custom sunroom windows that meet your design specifications. You can choose how much light you want to let in, based on the window size.


The size of the windows and door depends on what type of room design you desire and how bright you want the room to be. If you want larger windows, you may want to consider investing in impact-resistant windows. They can keep debris, high winds, and hail from shattering the glass.

Sunroom Window Options

There are numerous window options to choose from, and the selection process becomes far easier if you think about a few big-picture questions before you head to our showroom.

Window Efficiency

Today’s standard windows are made from double-paned glass with a low-emissivity coating that helps block heat from entering in the summer and escaping in the winter. They’re twice as efficient as single-paned windows. Some windows are triple-pane and filled with insulating argon gas with super efficiency.

Opening Options


How your windows operate will determine how easy it is to open and close the windows, or if you want them to open at all. There are five basic types of windows that open differently.


1.      Fixed Windows. These are stationary windows that do not open.

2.      Slider Windows. Two framed panels move from side to side, one in front of the other.

3.      Double Hung Windows. Two panels move up and down, one in front of the other.

4.      Casement Windows. Two hinged panels swing out when you turn a crank.

5.      Awning Windows. A hinged panel on the top of the window allows it to swing out vertically.

Window Materials

You’ll also want to consider what your windows will be made of—a decision determines how they look and how much maintenance they require. Most windows are constructed from the following materials:


●        Vinyl

●        Wood

●        Clad (wood covered in vinyl or aluminum)

●        Steel or aluminum

Sunroom Window Installation Service in Minneapolis

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