Even if you don’t live on the coast, you may still want to install impact-resistant windows in your home. Minnesota is known for tornadoes and hail storms, as well as ice storms. When the weather gets rough outside, impact resistant windows can protect your family and keep the weather from damaging furniture and other items in your home.


Window World can install impact windows in your home. You can get custom windows to match your home’s interior and exterior design. To find out more about the benefits of impact-resistant windows or schedule an installation, contact us today.

What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

Impact resistant windows consist of impact-resistant glass embedded in a weatherproof frame that is securely fastened to the window frame. They replace the need for storm shutters or other protective components. Homes can maintain their original design while offering an added layer level of protection.


Impact resistant windows are installed directly into the structure of the building like standard windows. There is no difference in their design or transparency.

How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?

Impact resistant windows contact shatter-resistant glass that is similar to a vehicle’s windshield.

The window consists of two layers of regular glass with a shatter-resistant film between them.


The shatter-resistant film holds the broken pieces of glass in place if they are struck by debris, hail, or any other damaging elements. This prevents the barrier between the interior and exterior of your home from being shattered.


Impact resistant windows offer far more protection than standard windows. They are built to withstand rugged impact from heavy debris such as tree branches or other heavy objects. Your family will be safer, and the items in your home will be protected from the effects of shattered glass.

Added Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows

In addition to protection from the outside weather, impact resistant windows all offer other benefits:


●        Added Security. Home invasions often occur through windows. Intruders can break the glass and enter your home. Impact resistant windows are difficult to break because they contain several layers of glass. Since they don't shatter easily, burglars will be discouraged from targeting your home.

●        Noise Reduction. Impact glass windows dampen the noise that comes into your home. Impact windows feature a polyvinyl membrane between two sheets of glass. This polyvinyl material is effective at absorbing noise. You can enjoy your home without being bothered by noisy distractions.

●        Greater Insulation. The multi-layer construction of impact windows significantly reduces the amount of solar heat that penetrates your home. Impact glass windows will also keep the heat in your house from escaping to the outside. You’ll notice a difference in your heating and cooling bills.

●        Resale Value. Installing impact glass windows may add value to your home. If you decide to put your home on the market, impact glass can be a selling feature that will attract buyers.

Complete Window Installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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