Over the last five to ten years, residential window design has progressively moved forward into the modern age. Homeowners are veering more toward contemporary window concepts with a minimalist mindset. Clean lines, simple shapes, deep colors, and larger window frames had all but engulfed the entire industry. What hasn’t changed, however, is the close attention to efficiency, functionality, and durability that transcends all fads.


2018 has seen its share of window trends - some which will last, some which will fade into oblivion. Regardless of the long or short-term effects of current trends, they have affected how and why homeowners purchase windows.


Below are some of the most dominating trends over the past few months:

1. It’s All Black and White

The two most contrasting tones in the color spectrum have captured the simplest of imaginations without losing their vibrancy. After all, nothing sets off a white interior better than a jet-black window frame - or vice versa for the bold homeowner. For most interior designers, the key to combining these sharp colors is subtlety. Try not to go to heavy on the window frames.

2. Clean Lines, No Filler

Homeowners want clean lines with squared off edges. Textured frames are out, and smooth surfaces are in. This design offers a no-frills approach that may suit casement windows better than double-hung. Regardless, the window construction is irrelevant as long as it doesn’t overshadow the overall concept.

3. Squares Over Arches

Arches have always enjoyed a timeless appeal that spans the generations. However, their time has come to an end - if only temporarily. Today’s consumer wants straight lines that only rectangular or square windows can provide. 90-degree designs are simple, straightforward, and easy to build around. For young homebuyers, they also offer a more economical option that minimizes customization.

4. Bigger is Better

Expansive glass was once reserved for high-dollar, exquisite homes owned by the elite. Not so much anymore. Building designers have discovered that more glass doesn’t mean more money. And homebuyers are taking advantage of the discovery. The growth in outdoor living and appreciation for nature has driven the trend to make windows bigger and brighter while cutting more into the wall space.

5. Pass-Through Windows

While today’s homeowners do want expansive windows to view the landscape, they also want windows that connect different living spaces. Hence, the emergence of pass-through windows. While the concept is nothing new, the application has become somewhat revolutionary. Where dividing once enclosed space, now the pass-through windows are open it back up. The most popular use of pass-through windows is using them to connect the kitchen and the deck.

6. Energy Efficiency

There’s nothing unique about wanting to control the U-factor in windows. After all, Reducing heat transference is not so much a trend as it is a necessity. Yet buyers are demanding it more than ever, as environmental and sustainability issues have come to the forefront of architectural design. If there were ever a time to go green, it would be now.

7. Wood, Wood, Wood

Wood windows are generally made from pine because of its durability and insulative value. These features, however, are more prominent in other types of wood such as white oak and mahogany that offers a smoother finish and elegance akin to luxury furniture. Sure, you’ll pay more. To some consumers, however, it’s worth the investment.

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