Bay and Bow Windows offer a distinct design that set them apart from any other window design. They add charm and elegance to your home with a timeless feel that transcends all trends. Bay and bow windows give you a bit of added floor space while extending a panoramic view, allowing you to catch see more landscape around your home.


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Below are a few design considerations when adding or decorating your bay and bow windows.

Add Windows to a Dark Room

Is there a room in your home that you would like to brighten up? Maybe there's a scenic view outside, but not enough window to display it. Adding bay and bow windows will increase that amount of light that comes into your dark room, with an added benefit of allowing you to take in the outside view.


 If your room is big enough, then you can extend the windows as large as you want them to be. Window World of Minneapolis can help you find the right window to brighten up any room in your home.

Create a Panoramic View

If you’re into intricate window frames, then you’ll want to fill in your windows. If, however, you want a full view to the outside, then we recommend clearing out the frames and opening up the windows. There’s nothing quite like drawing the curtains and taking in the hillside or skyline without anything blocking your view.


Rather than settling for a standard square shape, extend framework horizontally, clear out the windows, minimize your frame decor, and take in a broader view of the outside. Panoramic bay and bow windows are perfect when you want a full view with no obstruction.

Add a Bay and Bow Window to Your Bathroom

Adding a bay and bow window to your bathroom may not seem a bit unorthodox. With the approach and design, however, you can implement bay and bow windows into your bathroom without sacrificing your privacy.


If you have a large open bathroom with a designer tub along the wall, then set the mood for your relaxing moments by adding a bay and bow window spread across the bathroom wall. 

Create Additional Space With Your Windows

Bay and bow windows give you added square footage to add any item you want. Common additions include a storage area, seating, a desk, or a relaxing area.


Regardless of what you add to the windows, you will have the benefit of enjoying plenty of daylight, a scenic view, and warm sunshine during the winter months. Get creative and come up with a unique concept with your additional space.

Window World Can Help You Design Your Bay and Bow Windows

Window World MN can partner with you to create stunning window concepts. We provide complete design and installation for homeowners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.


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