Window World MN sells and installs premium LeafProof gutter systems. This revolutionary roofing product cuts down on the amount of debris that invades a gutter system and corrodes the material. Below, we cover the highlights of LeafProof gutter covers and how they can benefit your home.


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What are LeafProof Gutters?

LeafProof covers offer the most advanced gutter protection system on the market today.


LeafProof gutter systems contain a patented “S” design that allows more consistent and regulated flow of rainfall into existing gutter systems. The stylish design prohibits nesting by small animals and birds and keeps gutters free of debris and leaves.


The design’s clean lines and solid look enhance virtually any roofing system and give your home a more tailored, finished look. LeafProof Gutter Covers offer solutions that are unavailable from other gutter cover suppliers.

How LeafProof Gutters Work

Rainwater that flows off of a roof does not flow to the front of the gutter. Instead, follows the roofline, on to the drip edge, which is under the shingles, and down the back of the gutter. The reason that the water does not flow to the front of the gutter is that water clings to the surface it is spilling over.

LeafProof S-Bend Technology

The S-bend in the design causes water to flow to reverse and churn, which slows the momentum of the water as it comes off the roof. The S-bend also permits the portion of the LeafProof cover panel to be installed at a level position. The setup reduces the speed of the water even more.


As a result, when the water flow reaches the water channel, the water flow reverses and drains into the gutter.


Other gutter covers on the market work similarly. However, these gutter covers do not have the patented “S” bend. This means these covers must be installed under the second row of shingles and are often screwed or nailed into the roof. Thus, LeafProof Gutter Covers have a far superior design.

The Challenges Associated With Standard Gutters

Conventional gutter systems may be able to channel water from the rooftop to the ground, but there are several gutter-related issues that they cannot solve:


●        Water overflow leads to the fascia, siding, and foundation damage.

●        Water overflow also leads to mold around the foundation and inside the basement.

●        Damaged gutters cause thousands of falls from ladders each year.

●        Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars each year hiring professional gutter cleaners.

●        Cleaning gutters is a dirty, filthy chore.

How LeafProof Solves These Issues

LeafProof Engineers address common problems associated with standard, open gutter systems by providing practical solutions. LeafProof Gutter Systems:


●        Eliminate debris buildup

●        Do not penetrate the roofing system

●        Come in a wide range of designs

●        Can handle any downpour

●        Blend with any gutter or roofline

Professional LeafProof Gutter Installation in St. Paul

If you are looking for a viable solution for gutter installation, then check out the features and benefits of LeafProof Gutter Systems. The advanced design, durable construction, and leak-proof construction make LeafProof the only choice for homeowners St. Paul, Minnesota.


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